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i can't install the quick start template, how can i change the menu from vertical to horizontal ?

Thank you

and one more question, how can i change the powered by … into my name?

Thank you.

I have installed the module Noo Timeline Module for Joomla 3! and integrated it into my page. I have one Problem with the module, in the example you show only the headlines, if you click it you can see the whole text. On my page it doesn't work so, i changed the display into collapse but it doesn't open the Box.

What can i do?

Thank you.
Hey Thank you,

i have done. the login details are saved. please have a look and i've wrote another question. It looks perfect in Safari and Chrome but in FireFox the pictures in the rows doesn't get smaller… what can i do?

thank you so much
Firefox 35. it is the newest

You have seen the access in my account? For the Time Line?

Thank you
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