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jv33-fashion-quickstart template installation is stalling at creating configuration file. The bars are running across next to the line creating configuration file but the installation bar at top has not moved further than just over three quarter for over 1 hour. If I just close the window and refresh it looks like it completed and asks to remove the installation files and takes you to the front end but the quickstart demo never installed so looks like a normal Joomla installation and if you login to the administrator backend it didn't even install Hikashop.

Need Help
I managed to fix the problem by moving the 200 odd meg of images out of the upload folder in the quick install package and it installed ok. I then just copied the images back in and all was good.

But I would like to know how to change the orientation of the product additional image slider from vertical beside the product to horizontal below the product.

Also is there a way to prevent the image being deleted when I delete a product, because some products use the same image and this is frustration to have to upload it again and again while I fine tune the site.
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JV Fashion
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