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Hi I have been developing my Joomla website from LT Industrial theme from my xamp server loccally. I can be able to view it as designed on google chrome, firefox and internet Explore 9 fine but for some unknown reasons when i view my site in IE 8, the websites images and modules gets distorted. How can i correct this problem??

Hi there, Since the LT Industrial Theme cannot be viewed by Internet Explorer(IE8) and lesser, what can i do to prevent Web surfers from viewing my site if they have a web browser that is not supported by LT Industrial Theme. I'm trying to put my developed website online but if it is viewed by unsupported web browsers, all the modules gets distorted. What can i do to prevent them from viewing with unsupported web browser???
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Hi I'm quiet new to Joomla. About the reply posted 2016-04-26 ----
You can alert and redirect customers who viewed with unsupported browser, details code at

Which file do i edit??
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