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Will you send a link, from where to download the update.
I downloaded the complete file.
Now how do I update the template and the framework.
how to update to latest version. I have unzip_me_first_v600.000001022221.techcitypt
Is there any way that the Copyright section (bottom) can be of less height or it shows up only when the site is scrolled down.
How to change the background color of the background for logo section and footer section.
Please ignore the color change query. Solution to footer still required.

I am using Tabs plugin in the content.
But under the Tabs, the page layout is not proper.
It is taking the whole width and the bullets are not showing.

How to change the main menu color from White to something else. Could not find it under Coustomize.
For the Tab problem, I did Inspect element:
(inline; 1)
p, ul, ol, dl, blockquote, pre, address, fieldset, figure {

margin: 0 10 15px
Changed margin from 0 to 10px.
The page displayed properly.

How to do this in the css file or customizer.

When we click on the article under the category Highrise (Floor Plans)
it shows the slideshow, other modules as well, which is odd.
How to disable that option.
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