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Hello LT,
Is it possible to make the site (after it is installed with sample data) multilingual? I want that from browser langauge the just language site will be served. But the content (modules/articles/categories/pictures)are not equal.
Or have i to that by the new install and choose more languages?
Thanks in forward.
Best regards,
Hello LTheme,
2 questions:
1) Is it possible to enlarge the logo size(box)? The css is fitting it to a box size.
2) On with way i can disable the turning wheel on the right?
Thanks in forward.
@1. I have change that css. The postion now is higher.
In Safari and Chrome it seems okay. But in Firefox and Edge its displaying over the menu. See at
Maybe you can give me the most width of the logo for 'image', 'retina' and 'mobile'.
Regards Grafiek
Hello again, now t's working fine on all devices, even edge and firefox!
Whats is the maximum width i can use for the logo?
Thanks again. Regards, Grafiek.
The logo is not displaying at samsung galaxy tab (10.2).
How we can fixed that issue?
Thanks en regards.

1- In case of Pagebuilder. In Safari (on iMac) the copy-paste function is not working. The browser is freezing after push the copy button. In Chrome its working fine.
2- If i have a long word in the dropdown menu, its displaying over more lines. Is it possible to make the border box of the dropdown menus more wider? I tried it with firebug. The only thing i can, is to make the padding smaller, but thats not enough and not the good solution.
Thanks in forward.
Best regards,
Some questions:
1. On mobile device al the menu and submenu items are sorted under each other. That's not clear. Can i make an horizontal decider in the submenu? maybe another solution?
2. When i make an article with a tabel, in that tabel is not automatically the montserrat font included at mobile. In that case a times or something. solution?
3. I switch on the navigation in the menu items. In the articles the arrows are standing on both sides (Left on the left side/right on the right side). Is there a possibility to display them centered (side by side)?
4. I don't need social button for twitter. But when i fill in nothing (so empty field) it still appears in the frontend?
5. When i open a page builder page a warning exist; JUSER. :_load: Cannot load user with ID:391"
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

In case of Page Builder after core update to 3.7.1. The section title at tab general by row options is not displaying anymore at the frontend after changing it to another heading. After updating that text is too large. I would change it to H3 or something. Also to change it at the template styles it doesn't work or has no effect. So after the update i would the 'normal' size again. So, a smaller font size at that specific font.
Thanks in forward.
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