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It seems that a crucial search field was omitted in the "Find your Home" section on the Front Page. Available search fields are Category, Property Type, Price, Bedrooms and Bathrooms, and this will yield a result of ALL properties in ALL Cities/States/Provinces.

Is there any way I can add the State/Province and City to the input form (ossearchform187) ?

Thank you in advance

When will someone authorize my previous post ? It has been 12 hours now ?
I enabled all fields, and all I get is an additional Address and keyword field. No field where I can select State/Province or City.

A complete list of fields I get is

Property Type
BOUNTHONG asked the same question and the response was that it is possible to add more fields

I did try that module, but it does not seem to filter the properties correctly, especially when one specifies a minimum and maximum amount. So I had to disable the price slider. It's a shame the original Quick search module does not include State/Province and City (crucial fields as I see it), as it displays more attractive and easy to use
Thanks, that would be highly appreciated. Just let me know what you need from me
I would love to send the login details, but I cannot find a user manual where I could get the e-mail address. Also please let me know of any costs beforehand, as the USD/Namibian Dollar Exchange rate is quick extreme at the moment.
I sent the e-mail with the changes details. State/Province (to be labelled "Regions) and City to be added to the selection fields. There seems to be a problem with the search as is is now. If I click on Search without specifying any criteria, I should be getting 8 results. It only shows 3. Could you please check on that as well. Thank you in advance
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