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I would like to use the template with multi language. Would you recommend to me, a suitable for this template extension?

Thanks in advance.

Joomla support multi-language without any extensions, please read following article:

Regards, AS Team.
Hey there,

Thanks for the tutorial, it worked fine. Although that I do not have a translation of everything I manage to do it, relatively good. But now I do noticed another issue that I can no solve, and my hope is that you will help me. The thing is that when I am in the English version, and, for example, I click on Contacts, it scroll down to where the contact is. But when I am in some menu, and click Contacts, it is opening a contact for me in something like an article mode. So everything is cool, but when I go to the other language it do not work like this. Now when I am on the home page it do not scroll down but instead open the "Main Contact". This is true for the other menus of Bulgarian language, with one exception - the menu About Us, that have sub menus. Also I can not find where to add another than Main Contact, and how to set up a language. I need other contact in order to make it in Bulgarian language.

Thanks in advance!
For creating your website multilingual you have to contact our team using the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
This is the third time I take a template from here, and the first time that I got a support next to nothing. I do not want you to create for me the website. I just want to know how a features that are not described in the documentation work, and I described them very specifically.
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