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this is with hikashop. is it possible to have this site with virtuemart?
just bought it and am trying to install full installation pakkage with akeeba kickstart as in installation guide. but akeeba kickstart does not do the triick.
is there a way to work arount akeeba and just upload and install full version with example files (just as your example template) as just via joomla extensions/manage/upload package file/ etc etc
so please help to get me started
yes i did and akeeba quickstart does not the trick. so I need a normal installation such as from the joomla site via extensions-manage-upload package file etc etc.
just sent you the needed info by email
I am asked to update the SP page builder software but this does not update; the link to their updates is not correct.
just sent you the email so you can access the site for assistance.
please keep me posted
Hi, thanks for the attempt, but update path is still incorrect. please see my email reply.
great help! everything works as it should. was just a little change in the link/path to updatesite that did the trick; thanks again!
I need to ad payment methods and installed these. but i cannot select these in the shop configuration because only the original ones can be selected while all are in the same directory. please help.
I transferred it into a virtuemart shop so this won't help.
Item Name:
LT Winery
Item Version:
$29.00 $21.75
Regular License
This item may be used for a single domain only.
$39.00 $29.25
Extended License

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