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On 2011-08-02 ”olaeblue” asked:

”Can I get the featured items to go in columns on this template. Despite configuring for columns ithe template seems to insist that they are all 1 atop another.”

and you answered:

”Regarding featured articles, you are right it designed to show in one column only, in multiple columns will be available in the next version.”

When will this ”next version” be available?

In the near future?
The next version should be availabe in one month.
Is there an update policy for bought templates (premium license), or should I wait untill next month?
Currently we don't have any updates for this template, please wait.
I bought the premium version of this template - it is really good!

I'm trying to figure out how to change the CSS of the drop-down menu so that the first level doesn't have a background (also in hover state). When I try to change the background, the sub-levels also do loose the background and are not readable any more.

How can I keep the backgrounds on the drop-downs?

Many thanks in advance!
You have to make changes in template.css file starting from the line 314 and styles.php file starting from line 193
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