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Hey there,

i'd like to expand the width of the content area, can you tell me how to? I do want to keep the size, but use the left column, which is usually for modules for expanding the content area.

Thanks for help!

We are sorry, there is no such option, it should be developed by our developers or you have to make all necessary changes by yourself.

Regards, AS Team.
If it isn't that hard, i'd like to just expand the content area, without using the left column, so if cou can give some information, it would help a lot.
Btw, enabled recaptcha in Site settings, enabled the plugin and got myself public and private key, but the only thing it shows is "Captcha*" nothing else, no inputfield no captcha picture. Do i miss something with this template?
What is your site url please? We have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
i figured it out, it was a problem with google and the 3.2 update, you have to change the link to the api server, that did the trick.

I still want to expand the content area. Where in the template's files i can expand it?

And how large can a slider image be in order to be shown correctly ?
The content area width should be changed by our developers only, sorry it is impossible to explain you.

Regards, AS Team.
Oh, i forgot one: Can i have more than 10 images in the slider? And what do you mean with Slices: 12 ?
How many images do you need? 12 slices means that the slider will be spited in 12 slices, please choose the option and you will see how it works.

Regards, AS Team.
Ok, i'd like to have 12 or 15 images in that slider.

Also we have several problems in displaying.
We created a table to show CD icons. They look good in backend, but the first in row1 is not correct. We also want to get rid of this Flagsymbol and the various texts beside it. On homepage it is: <flag> Home which also shows on almost all pages, or on contact it says <flag>contact, <flag> name, <flag> contact. We just want to show the content. In case of the contact form just the contact form itself, nothing else. Same for category lists etc. I told joomla to not show titles, but apparently it does; so how to get the template not to show that?

Have a look for yourself here pls.:

This is an interim domain, it will later be moved to the main one.
Our support team is not able to help you with your site customization, please use the following page for our services:

Regards, AS Team.
I have one page i do not want to show the slider at, its audio & video. If you play a video @fullscreen, the slider will interfere, thats not a good idea... So, how can i change that particular page?
We are sorry, there is no such option, in your case you have to install another slider, for example this one:

As well, it will resolve your first problem with number of images, the slider has an option to put up to 20 images.

Regards, AS Team.

if someone runs over it: If you want to remove the contactcategories on your site and are using this template, there will be no option in Joomla allowing this. depending on what you waht to remove, you could add the following to one of the css files:

.contact h3 {
display: none;


.contact h1 {
display: none;

or both respectively.

What i would liked to have in this template:

1. Social Media Support. Add links to facebook, youtube, twitter, google+ and get the images placed on the screen linked to your profile.

2. Make the template flexible, and if one wants to have a different sized content area give him a parameter to change the width. So one could have it smaller or larger, as one needs.

3. make sure the searchbutton is the same size as the Search field, this does not look like that currently.

4. Get away from this comment thing, it is a pity looking for information. Nobody has the time to search through all 638 and counting comments manually. Do something different like Q&A or forum or whatever.

5. Brush up your documentation, the listing of the positions in your template is not sorted at all, give the obvious positions "speaking" names, not just a number like Position 0.


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