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I'm with you Holly. I'd like to be able to restrict the slideshow to the front page only. The template layout under HELP (at the top of this page) shows it as position-15, but when I type /index.php?tp=1, there is no position-15.

BTW - I think (outside of this issue) this template ROCKS!!!!

DaveB! ~ in TN
We will check possibility to have it on the home page only and update you.'re saying, if I install another slideshow component and publish it to module-15, I can over-ride the javascript slideshow?

DaveB! ~ in TN
Yes, you are right, it should work.
I've looked through the XML, PHP and CSS files. There is no coding for position-15. So even though I uploaded a Slide Show extension from and assigned it to position-15, it doesn't work. :(

Any help you could send my way would be most appreciated!


-DaveB! ~ in TN
I originally downloaded the template from Just now downloaded it from here and you're correct. The positions do exist.

Will have to redo some customizing on my end, but should be minimal work.

Interestingly enough, I enabled my slideshow extension package and assigned it to display only on the HOME page. However, the template's slideshow continues to display on all the others. :(

If this could be remedied, it would make it much more useful. :)

Realizing this IS a FREE template, I certainly appreciate all the work that has gone into it's development.

Thank you!

DaveB! ~ in TN
We will check what we can do, youre not the first who asking for this feature so we are going to implement it in our templates.

The ”AS Templates” you are looking for is not text, but a graphic file. You will have to replace it with your own.

It's located in the ”/templates/as002022/images” folder and it's named ”companyname.png”

DaveB! ~ in TN
Hi Raymond,

I'd have to look into the first question, maybe AS folks can answer that one.

The second part of your question is simple. It's the ”favicon.ico” located in the /templates/as002022 folder. Create your logo (icon) as any graphic file, png, jpg, gif, etc. then rename it to favicon.ico and ftp it to your site, replacing the existing file.

Hope this helps.

DaveB! ~ in TN
Hello Raymond,
We will check the first issue.

Blueadmin, thank you for your posts.
By some reason the footer disappeared, in case to help you we will need admin access to the Joomla Admin Panel.
Please contact us by email and provide with login details.
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