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Hi - thanks for this great template.
Guess...a stupid question, but how can I assure that the listening of words like

1. A
2. B
3. C

and so on will appear on my screen?

A text, before and behind the list is shown. I can see the text in the list too, but only by highlighting this one. Actually, It seems that letters are in white as well as the white background.

Please help.

We should se that, can you please provide us with an URL?

To be honest, I tried to insert html code as well as plain text, no chance.

This also happens, when I insert a normal (graphic) line. Guess this seems to be the problem.

There are two questions more.... hope it´s okay to ask you (I´m not a professional)....
By the way, pls. apologize my Englisch; my native language is German.

Is the a chance to avoid the undline in menu records module 3 and so on?
It looks better without..

Can I avoid the graphic

Sure, I can delete or change the graphic into white; at least - the space will be lost so or so.
That is because you changed the font color on line 28 in template.css file from

color: #3F3C38;


color: #EEEEEE;
All can be done, you should make changes in css files.
You are right... I tried to solve this problem without disturbing you - at the beginning (do not ask me why), the original coloure code does not work so I tried... THANKS!!!!!! This is now working!!
This helps a lot!!!!!


That is because you changed the font color on line 28 in template.css file from

color: #3F3C38;


color: #EEEEEE;
Do you know .... which question will appear now?
Yeah.... where? :-))

Pls. help an ”old” German non professional it profi.

Please prepare all your requests and contact us by email. Thank You.
I recognized, that there should be a newer version of this great template.
how can I get an update?

In my account, there are only the ”older” download links.
The template you can download from 'My Purchased Items' section of your AS Template account, if you will have any problems please contact us by email. Thank You.
Hi - I got this; thanks.

While updating the template, does this mean that the changes, made by you, will be disabled?

Yes, all previously made changes in the source code will be rewriten
I do not talk about my own changes (there are none).

Does you info also include the changes, you made and I´ve paid for?

Sorry, guess the question sounds stupid...
Hello Tiramoconsulting,
Can you please contact us by email or via our Contact Us page, we have to discuss it, sorry. Thank You.
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