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Hi, thank you for a wonderful template, I do very much love it, and t is easy to work with. My only issue is that I keep ”losing” the slide show. This is while I am working on it via joomla, and has only just started happening last week.

I make a change, then view the site. I refresh the site to incorporate my change, and the slide show disappears. It is there on other pages if I select menu options, but again, if I refresh the page, the slide show disappears. I have tried reinstalling, and also reinstalling and rebuilding my website several times.

What have I done wrong?

There doesn't seem to be an error in the apache2 log files, and I am running apache2 on ubuntu with joomla 1.6, hikashop and the AS002022 template as my default template.

thanks, Gillian
We have to look on this, can you please provide us with URL?
I have not launched my website yet, as it isn't working and doing what I want it to do. So I can't give you a URL.

It might be a joomla issue, as I have just downloaded another slideshow template and it is doing the same thing.

I have tried re-installing EVERYthing, several times, and am now getting very frustrated as it has cost me money buying templates etc, let alone the time. SIGH. I will keep you posted. Perhaps it is something as simple as permissions.
W are sorry, but without to look on it we can't help you.
You don't need to buy our templates, all templates are for free, except if you going to remove AS copyright or have more features.
I have found a work around. I made sure the permissions of the slides were all 664, and each time I reload the site I need to clear the cache both in firefox and joomla. I also make sure everything is checked in, and now it seems to work.

I wanted to remove AS copyright as I got a popup each time I opened the home page that pointed me back to this website. when I enquired as to how to remove the popup, I was informed I would have to pay. It isn't much, and I really don't mind having to pay, as you guys have done all the work and I LOVE the template. But I wanted to test joomla 1.6 to see if the problem was there, with the template or with my system - process of elimination.

So I purchased a few more slideshow templates, but found the same thing was happening.
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