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Hi, and thanks for this wonderful template!
I bought it this morning and am trying to set it up for the site, however I'm at a loss for one thing which I hope you can help me with:

Where/how can I provide my own caption texts for the slider? which file is it in? Can I provide the caption texts through the joomla admin interface or must I modify a particular php file?

Thanks and kind regards...
nevermind... I found it! thanks :)

The blockquotes.png file you use in your demo site (and provided in the template we purchased) for some reason does not work for our site.

- We created a custom-content module.
- in the descriptive text, we inserted the image (using joomla admin)
- every time we refresh the front-side, the image _has_a_grey_border_!?!

I've looked at the png file, and its transparencies seem to be intact.

I've tried to modify it in the template manager settings (don't really know under which group of settings ”position 49” is...) to no avail.

I've tried to directly modify the template.css file, but no good - besides, in there 'border' is already set to 0...

Can you help us get the blockquote.png without any borders?

Thanks and kind regards.
You have to put it in the following way:

<p class="testimonials">
<img height="30" border="0" src="/content/asj22/templates/as002022/images/blockquote.png">

Your text here ...


or instead of <p> you can use <div>

If it will not work please provide us with an URL, we will check it.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi there,

Was wondering how you managed the two modules (positions 16-19) to have a picture on the left and the text on the right without the vertical separator between them. Looking at the html source, I deduce these are 'mod_custom' html modules, but it seems you've managed to insert the picture _before_ the module title (which comes out as an h3 header). When I try the same, the picture is still above the text, and therefore stretches the module height accordingly.

What must I do to have a similar layout as you (in your demo site of this template) for these modules?

In addition, the 'read more' function is not natively supported in the mod_custom module, so how do you manage it?

Thanks and kind regards.
Please try the following code:

<img src="templates/as002022/images/img1.png" alt="" title="" width="220" height="150" />
<h3>Unique Design</h3>
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, arofone consectetur adipiscing elitorama. Sed sodales venenatis nulla eget porttitor. Pellentesque dui sapien, pharetra.
<div class="readmore">
<a target="_self" href="#">Read More</a>

Regards, AS Team.
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