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Hello support team,
I bought the 002022 template for a single domain and installed the template and the google-map-plugin on my existing joomla-2.5-setup as described. the reason for my post is that the top-nav module isn't loading and there are many positions/modules missing in the module-manager. I hardcoded the top-nav in the index.php by now but I guess this shouldnt be required and the contact- and search-modules still arent working (since they're not there). any suggestions why the modules are missing and how to (re-)install them?

website: (domain for testing)

In case to have the template looks like our demo preview page and have installed all modules, you must to install it using quick-start installation package, please see the following page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
hello again,
first of all thanks for the answer I reinstalled everything and almost(!) everything works fine.
but since it's only almost here comes my current issue:
in header_row6/position18 (overlay-section) runs a module with some content of mine and a picture (still all set to default). normally these should be put aside of another but somehow the editor/joomla/template (whatever) revokes all of my changes in the editor to a state in which a certain path-tag (<p>) is assigned to the img-tag. this path-tag takes the text from the right side of the image and puts it underneath of it. once you see it you should know what I mean. I already checked my security-config and granted full access to the module so it should save my changes. I'd really like to have it the way it is in the demo.

again the URL:

Thanks again!
You are absolutely right, the default Joomla editor sometimes makes such problems, our suggestion is disable it or replace with another one, we are using Code Mirror in such cases. The editor you can change/disable in the Joomla admin panel -> Site -> Global Configuration -> Site -> Site Settings -> Default Editor.

Regards, AS Team.
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