I use Joomla 3.4.8 and installes the template AS002022. First I downloaded the zip file from your page (when purchasing) to my desktop, then I unzipped the package and then I uploaded it using the backend menu of Joomla for uploading. I installed first the template zip file, then the extensions, but it didnt look good. Then I even tried to install the kickstart zip file, but my frontend still does not look like your preview at all. There is no header and no main menu for example. Then I checked your template installation help page, but I shows menues that I dont have and mentions buttons that I dont have (sample data template) and directories that I dont see (install folder). Do I need FTP to look into the server of my hosting company to be able to install this template? (it is Hosttech in Switzerland). I am new in this field and now completely lost....can you help me?
many thanks, Lothar