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Hi, Installed quickstart template, however it is not functioning properly. For example, then clicking the read mores on the home page, pages do not display correctly; then clicking any menu item get a 404 error..

I show the following error in database (Warning database is not up to date!): Database schema version (3.2.3-2014-02-20) does not match CMS version (3.2.3). Then I click "fix," it does nothing and error still displays...

Please advise... Thanks!
Can you please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel for checking this issue? The access info please put in the special info area under your purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.

I've installed the 2022 quickstart template, ( however, other than the homepage it is not displaying properly. The top menu items when clicked display 404 page not found error. When I click on the Unique Design or Fully Customizable modules, they display incorrectly (i.e., can see some text, but icons and menu display incorrectly). I've tried reloading the template, but same problem.

The site's Joomla! is updated to 3.2.3. Am still getting a database warning: Database schema version (3.2.3-2014-02-20) does not match CMS version (3.2.3). After researching this a bit, it seems like this is a "view" problem, so I don't know what is going on with the way the template is displaying.

Please advise, asap.

Try to disable please Search Engine Friendly URLs in your Joomla admin panel -> Gloabal configurations -> Site -> SEO settings.

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks AS...Disabling the SEF URLs does work in this case. However, I really don't want this disabled as I would like to of course use SEF URLs.

Is there a fix where I don't have to disable the SEF URLs and have the template display all pages other than the home page correctly?

Thanks so much for your assistance. Appreciate it.
You have some configuration problems on your server, sorry we can't help you in this case, but you can ask for help Joomla community:

or please refer to the Joomla documentation:

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS,

Could you please advise me regarding the html module on index page called 'graphic design & photographic services.' (

The problem is on the 'read more' page display - The 'graphic design & photography' module displays the AS slider and testimonial module when going to 'read more'. The same html module 'web design' to the left of the 'graphic design & photography services' and displays correctly when going to the 'read more' page. The settings for the 'graphic design & photographic services' appear to be set exactly like the 'web design' module.

I've tried numerous fixes to no avail. Appreciate your advice.

BTW, Nice template - THX
It looks like you have a menu item for 'Web Design' article and you do not have for 'Graphic Design', you have just to create a new menu item and point it to the 'Graphic Design' article.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello... I am having difficulties with one of my articles duplicating the content twice ("About Me"). It was fine for months and then the duplication problem started. I have not been able to resolve.

Site is

Please advise. Thanks so much.

Luna Sol
It seems you have published it in position 7 as a single module article and in the content.

Regards, AS Team.
How can I change the color of the background? I want a brown background rather than the black texture ....... Thank you!
What is you site url please? We will check it and let you know which file and class should be changed.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you... Site url is

Also, I am trying to insert a menu in position 30 where I have two other modules in the same position (phoca gallery and get in touch modules), but it consistently displays above the row. I need to have the menu displayed to the right (in-line) of the other two modules. Have tried everything. Suggestions, pls... Thanks
Your site is password protected, we can't see it, but we think you forgot to set column bootstrap size under the module advanced option to 4 columns.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you... EXACTLY what I failed to do! Thanks for the very quick response.
Hi, I have this same template installed with no problem on one Go Daddy account. Would like to use it for another account, but cannot get past the first Joomla! install screen "Main Configuration".

I've added a php5.ini file to disable Magic Quotes (as I had to do with the other account) and I've replaced code Engine=InnoDB with Engine=MyIsam in both the mysql and the sample_data.sql...

Still stuck on the Main Configuration screen. Please advise. (URL is
We are sorry, but we can't help you with your server configuration, you have to ask for help your hosting provider.

Regards, AS Team.
Have Joomla installed successfully (URL:, however template will not display.

Get the following error message: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'InvalidArgumentException' with message 'Could not find template "as002022".' in /home/lcusbc/public_html/libraries/cms/application/site.php:539 Stack trace: #0 /home/lcusbc/public_html/libraries/legacy/error/error.php(778): JApplicationSite->getTemplate() #1 /home/lcusbc/public_html/plugins/system/redirect/redirect.php(134): JError::customErrorPage(Object(InvalidArgumentException)) #2 [internal function]: PlgSystemRedirect::handleError(Object(InvalidArgumentException)) #3 {main} thrown in /home/lcusbc/public_html/libraries/cms/application/site.php on line 539

Please advise. Thank you.
Our suggestion is to reinstall Joomla using quick-start installation package, please be sure yo have deleted all files and database tables before new installation.

Regards, AS Team.
Inserted some tables and background images in some of the template articles and now need to include the tags in the CSS to make them responsive. Have been in the CSS for hours but can't find exactly where to insert the tags. Where exactly should I place the code in the CSS for both the background images and the tables? Thanks.
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