Hi there,

a couple of months ago we purchased this lovely template and so far everything was ok.
But now two small issues have arisen:

1. on a page that we have set the BT Google Maps module, when the page is initially loaded we get a "Geocode was not successful for the following reason: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT! ". Checking online for solutions we came up that is better to store (cache) the geo calls to the database, but not option was found in the back-end of the module. Any suggestion/solution is welcomed.

2. we would like on the front page to color independently the background of the main three white boxes (Savings, Planning, Investment). In your demo page the Inspector shows them as articles with id's 76, 35, 34 respectively. We would like the white background (that changes to light blue (#5D99B5) ) to to be changed to three different colors, lets say red, green, blue.

Thank you for your support.