Dear AS Team,
I'm using the 2099 free version and I think it's great stuff - thank you.

However, on my XAMMP I've noticed some error.log messages concerning the superfish menu:

[client] PHP Warning: include_once(fonts.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\\DevTools\\xampp-5\\htdocs\\mysite\\modules\\mod_as_superfish_menu\\mod_as_superfish_menu.php on line 48,

and the same again for styles.php.

I did 'solve' that issue with the following code beginning at line 48:
$template_path = __DIR__.'/../../templates/'.$app->getTemplate().'/';
include_once $template_path.'fonts.php';
include_once $template_path.'styles.php';

Apart from the error message I couldn't see any frontend effect - but I may be missing something.