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I've got the same issue. It was fine when working with J1.7.3 but then I updated to J2.5.4 and noticed the grey square box appearing around the image. I tried to change the image format both jpg and gif. Did not work. When using IE works fine, but in FF - does not view well. I've simply disabled the image for now. If anyone comes up with a solution - please post. Thanks.
In File Manager, Images, Image Slider I tried uploading in png format and images showed up as white space on the website. Inside File Manager - Images, Image Slider, double clicked on slide1.png and renamed to slide1.jpg, slide2.jpg, etc. and it now WORKS (without grey transparent box over image as it rotates). Had to clear out my cache a few times as well.
Hello PRTJoomla,
Thank You for that info, as we understood, your suggestion is replace the images in the slider from .png to .jpg?

Regards, AS Team.

I seem to only be able to view 10 of the 20 images in AS Slider. I have uploaded all images in cPanel and Joomla admin panel. I've viewed in both IE9 and Google Chrome. Am I only allowed 10 images in AS slider with the premium AS Designing template?
The free version is limited and may not contains all features like the premium, sorry for that.

Regards, AS Team.
We are sorry, we found you have too old version, please download the extension from this page:
and replace the helper.php file, it should resolve the problem.Otherwise please provide us with FTP access and we will do it for you.

Regards, AS Team.
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