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For a website where I've used this template, there have to be only one image instead of a slideshow. The image is uploaded yet (renamed it to slide1.jpg) and the other two are deleted, but the slideshow keeps sliding. Is there a way to stop or remove the slideshow? Thanks.
Hi Lockerbie,
Sorry, we did not think that slider may be used with one image only. You can make 2 additional copies of the slide1.jpg image, just rename them to slide2.jpg and slide3.jpg.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for the quick answer.
When I posted my question, I'd already made slide2.jpg and slide3.jpg of the same image.

Unfortunate, in IE9 everything looks alright (for a change), because the 'fading' has a white look. But in Firefox the fading has a greyish color, like a lightbox-kinda-thing, while the image-changing makes little 'flashes', and it looked that way even before I've changed the images. Please take a look at: using Firefox.
Hi Lockerbie,
We looked on your site, it is OK on all browsers.

Regards, AS Team.
No, I'm sorry, but it's not OK. Firefox keeps fading in the images from black. A short search learned that it's probably a bug in FF10, see:

In Firebug I tried putting a 'background-color: white' to the images, and that helped. Now figuring out where to put this in your script, but perhaps I'll put it with the css for 'li'...
Hi Lockerbie,
Looks like there is some bug with showing transparency images in jQuery.
We don't see this problem on our browsers, your slider looks perfect, what we can suggest you is replace png images with jpg, or gif.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Templates,

Please can you tell me when the Joomla 3.3-version will be ready? Or else: how I can convert this template to a Joomla 3-template? Thanks in advance.
(I forgot to mention: the Joomla 2.5-version is giving javascript-conflicts somewhere.)
The message I get is:

TypeError: jQuery(...).tooltip is not a function
Yes, we are going to update it ASAP, but it may take few month, sorry.

Regards, AS Team.
Could you please tell me what jQuery-version was used in the first version of this template? (It's not visible or mentioned in the files...)
Perhaps I can find another solution to this problem then.
Yes, it is version 1.7.1

Regards, AS Team.
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