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i have purchased the premium version of this template and i am experiencing a couple of issues:

(1) i have modified the source .png image files for the main menu in position 1 so that the color is 00457C instead of the default green, however, i am still seeing green in the menu. only pieces of the menu have changed to 00457C.

(2) when i insert/upload the company logo, it is not centered in the position of the template that is designated for the company logo. that field has a light grey background, how do i modify the height and/or position to center my company logo?
AS Team,

I have purchased the premium version of this template and I am experiencing issues with the menu and the slider controls.

(1) For menu on mouseover there is no change in the button. The default should be the light grey/blue and upon mouseover it should expand.
(2) The slider controls for the AS NIVO slider are not picking up the images that I uploaded from the premium package.
(3) I looked in the CSS header to remove/modify the light grey/blue background that sits behind the company logo and I could not find the CSS code. When looking through previous comments there was mention on 2011-07-28 of a template.css file and header_bg.png which do not exist in the premium template that I downloaded on 05/15/12.

Take a look @

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Regards, AS Team.
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