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Installed the template using QuickStart.
When I try to access the fornt end, A windows shows:
This redirect url is not allowed, you should change the "Allowed domains for the redirection via the module" parameter from the AcyMailing configuration page to "localhost|" to allow it or set it to "all" to allow all urls
I uninstalled the AcyExtn. and then the site started.
I added a few values to the JSN Uniform. After that the form layout (Adventure) is not proper.
Please check and inform.
I want to know the Module Positions . Tried to find, but couldnot. The documentation link is not working. Gives Timed Out Error.

Please inform the module positions.
Instead of JSN Uniform, can we use any other form like Ba Form or Form maker
The Documentation link is still not working. It gives 404 error.

Regarding the forms, will the layout be same as JSN Uniform, as in the demo.
It has been over a month now, but some problems are still there. Main is the form layout at Reservation position on home page.
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PT Vacation
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