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In your template JD CONSULT does not work the function of hiding the title of the article, author, date.
I put "Hide header, author, date".
But they are still displayed on the site.
In the general settings I put "Show":

And in a particular article I put "Do not show":

→ General settings work.
And the settings for one article do not work.
I show on the site.
Here you can see that the title is on both the main page and the other.
I want on the main page to remove the title, author, date and other attributes.
And on the other pages, that these attributes are shown.
Еxcuse me, but I do not understand. What relation does it have a menu here?

I customize article options:
show titles, author, date or not show.
I need to work with individual settings for each article.
They do not work. Only general settings work.

If you need, I can give you access to the admin panel of the website.

I have Russian language enabled. But English is also there. If you want, I can turn on the English language.

Thank you for your participation!
Everything is working! )
This is what I wanted!
The question is removed!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Develop! We are for you! )
Question else.
I have version 3.8.6.

I tried to install modules through the installer in the admin panel of the site.
The error is:
The installer can not find the installation package.

Modules from official sites:

What have I done wrong?

Я зашел на эту страницу
и пробую устанавливать каждый бесплатный модуль.
Результат у всех один —
Archive does not exist
Невозможно найти установочный пакет
I can give access.
In my country people say:
- Better to see once than hear a hundred times. )
Кстати, установить JED тоже не получается. → При нажатии на кнопку «Добавить закладку» → происходить та же ошибка:
Archive does not exist
Невозможно найти установочный пакет

At me occurs so:
The question is settled!

I found a mistake!
Excuse me!
I did not fix the path to the root of the site in configuration.php

I'm currently working on a technical domain.
And I copied the site from the main domain. )))

Thank you!
Good luck!
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JD Consult
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