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Hello Joomdev, I'm helping MARCVANEYLEN with his menu color problem. Strange thing, when looking up the css I can copy or rename the css, but I can't edit it, even when loggend in as administrator?!?
I downloaded the "variables_override.scss" file, changed it, uploaded it, removed the old one and renamed the new one to the old one. No effect on the menu color.
We noticed that the color was changed before my action, you guys did this? the yellow of the JD Gym menu now is gray, links are blue. We would like the JD Gym menu in the same color as the sticky menu (i.e. green rgb(17, 155, 57) ) the blue line above the menu titels when hoovering over the menu, we would like to see red (rgb(196, 24, 60) ). Is this possible?
Joomdev, I was talking about, payed version, as mentioned the website of MARCVANEYLEN, who asked some questions in the previous posts.
Hi Joomdev,
still working on site, where we would like to change some colors in de template. Installed the new update and there are more posibilities, but still missing the posibility to change the background color of the main menu. Background color of drop down menu and off canvas menu can be changed. How do we change the backgroundcolor color of the main menu?
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