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Hello, I have expanded the text of the different sections. And now, when I click on the menu, the scroll to that section leave me the beginning of the section in the middle of the screen. ¿Where can I indicate the exact point where I want the scroll of the section stops when I click on a menu option?

Thank you very much
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You told me that the position of the scrolling is automatically but, please, ¿can you see my website?

The scroll stops in the middle of the page and I would like that stop it at the top. I would like that the screen could occupy the whole selected section...¿It's possible?

Thank you very much
Sorry but, ¿What happened? The website works...
I sent you the query through the contact form

Thank you very much
Thank you very much for responding so quickly. But you can access the website whenever you want. It's a normal website:

Note that when you click on the menu, in the word "Productos" for example, the scroll does not arrive at the top and that is what I would like to change.

Thank you very much

Hello, I am using Google Chrome. ¿Did not you see what I meant? If you click on the Productos menu option, it goes up the section but it stays a little more of the middle of the page. It does not rise to the top. It also happens with the testimonios section. Sorry but ¿How can I upload images in this support forum?

Thank you very much
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