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I finally instaled it correctly, but I have a couple of problems to fix.

1-I can´t find an option of Logo for both images I have to change for mine: companylogo.general and companylogo.home.
Each one has the correct área and if I choose the "home" one it will repeat everywhere or it happens the same way if I choose the "general". where I fix it, please? Please take a look to my site to see what I mean. I left it wrong on the intro page to show you. It is correct from the home page on.

2- I also see that using the options of wordpress panel offered by my host, there is no way in your template to change the background (the girl of intro page). Where and how can I change it, please?

Thank you
The template doesn't have parameters for changing the background color, in your case you have to edit style.css file or ask for our customization services: http://www.astemplates.com/customservices

Regards, AS Team.
I see. So, I will wait for my friend this saturday to see if she can edit style.css. If not, I will contact you to ask for customization.

Thank you

Um friend helped me yesterday to edit the style.css and I will test the changes I want to do.

Now I need your help regarding my first doubt and question I made even before I bought the template.

I understood that you suggested that I can install a plugin for translation. But, those plug-ins are not good and show lots of terrible translations.

I really prefer to write all content in correct and good english and portuguese. I want my site in two languages and my idea is to create two buttoms on the intro "enter" page with the links to direct visitor to each language.

So, my question is:

How can I do that? Shall I create a sub-domain? Shall I create a "network admin" to edit both languages? Then, I would write and prepare all contente in both languages and just put the links on the intro?

Or I remember that you told that this template doesnt support "multisites"... But, would it be a multisite if I create sub-domain or sub-directories? I saw that if I write in both languages the way it is, everything will be a mess and show both texts everywhere.

So, please tell me, what should I do to have my site with all contente in 2 languages separated?

Thank you
Yes, we think the best way for you is install copy of the template in subdomain or subfolder, in this case you will not need the extended license, it is OK with your regular license.

Regards, AS Team.
Nice. I will try it, so. Thank you.

Another thing I have been trying to solve, but havent found the correct name for the image.

I will edit style.css also to put the correct my logo on the intro page, the "enter" page. I already fixed the change of bg image and put mine, but when I try to find the style.css position and name of the logo (the name you used for that image was "companylogo.home") I dont find it.

Would you please tell me exactly what name and line can I find it on style.css? I already know how to change it, but it is not working correctly. Shall I rename my own logo with this name "companylogo.home"? And which line on style.css is it?

Thank you
The logo image is not in the css file, it is located on your server:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team,

Thank you for this information. I will check it.
As I asked you for help before and my friend has been trying to solve this issue, please, would you explain better how to change the round Logo located on the "enter" page?

You said that it is on my server and not in the css file, but the "logo.general.png" is the one that shows in all other pages except the "enter". And the round logo showing on the "enter page" has a different name: companylogo.home

One of the logos was uploaded through the server (wordpress) and the other one should be uploaded by the css

So, how to change the round logo on the "enter" page and leave the other pages with the Vertical logo, please?

Thank you

You have just to replace :
'wp-content/themes/as006036/images/companylogo.home.png' and
wp-content/themes/as006036/images/companylogo.general.png with your logos.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team,

Thank you for your help. I will tell this to my friend to change the logo, so.

Regards, Kaviraj

I would like to purchase a theme of you for wordpress.
Are the used pictures free to use or is copyright on it?

Greetings Henk
Hello FLITS96,
All images in this template are covered by PhotoDune extended license:

It means you can freely use these pictures on your site.

Regards, AS Team.
How do I make my own enter page?

And where can I find information about how to create for example a page with 4 columns ... (as in the example-portfolio).

Are there short-codes for it, or how should I do this.

How can I get into the website "comment" is turned off?

Greetings henk
Hello FLITS96,

Please read following article :


We recommend to use quickstart installation package for understanding functionality of template.

About your question : see Pages / Portfolio 4 columns / Page Attributes

Regards, AS Team.
And where can I get the options to change "read more", "previous"and "next"?

I'm from the Netherlands, so in my own language it's much more easier.

Greetings henk
Hello FLITS96,

We recommend to use Sidebar Widget to rewrite default side bar or you can make changes in sidebar.php file.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS templates,

How can I get the wordpress-theme (version 3.6) update to version 3.9.
I understand that this is not automatic, so is this going to happen through you?

best regards Henk
Hello FLITS96,

Please read following article about Manual Update:


Our suggestions:

1. Make Back Up before update.
2. Deactivate plugins before update and turn its on after.

Regards, AS Team.
How can I get a different colorsof the buttons of .

home/about us/contacts .

where can I change the color

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