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how to install lt_spa_wp_quickstart_package lt_spa_wp_quickstart_package ?
Ok, thanks.
One more question.
How can I have deifferent images, in the gallery, depending on the menu, i.e., If I click on menu one I get image 1,2 and 3, if I click on menu2 I get image 4,5 and 6 ?

How can I increase the height of the logo? I think I need to increase the height of the head space to fit the logo.

I found the solution:

Have to modify the max-height on wp-content/themes/layerswp/assets/css/framework.css
How can remove the icon "GET IT NOW!" ?
How can I editr the footer page "The Wordpress name is used ......"

"Portfolio module is just widget, you can create new pages, then set up each portfolio widget with other settings for each page, and load it via different menu items."

Can you guide me here, please?

How can I add an image to the background of the pages?
For background image, is there any easier way? Like a plug-in or so?
Is because any user, not techy, needs to do that. For new pages

- The plugins for background did not work, i.e., I just need to put a backgrount in the page (article) like if I have an option on the editor to insert a background image.

- If I have some submenus on the right side, they always open to right and than goes beyond the monitor. They should detect the end on the monitor and open to the left. How can we do this?

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Hi, how does the last news and tags works, on the footer?

For the menu, see my screenshot

on the 2nd submenu it goes beyond the monitor.
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