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I just would like to know, if I can do menu, sub menu ... and more in this template. ? How many categories i can do? Thank you for your answer.
Hello EVIKXP79,
WordPress does not have a limitation with menus, submenus or categories.

Regards, AS Team.

thank you so much for your answer, but I have another question. We probably would like to buy your template. I would like to know, if we receive also a documentation of this template. Also it is possible to change the on the top of the page the orange line. And it it possible to put maybe 10 categories side by side on one line. Thank you .
Hello EVIKXP79,
The template installation documentation comes with the template. To change the orange line you will need to make small changes in the template css file. We think you can put categories in one line.

Regards, AS Team.
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