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and also if you check service page it has been totally changed body color menu pattern & color, footer color bread crumbs has been changed so i want other pages like that and i dont wanna that alert box on some pages
We don't see any problems, our suggestion is to clear your browser cache.

Regards, AS Team.
How can I change the width of module as5 to be the full screen width ? Also, where can I change the background to be completely black?
The template doesn't have such options, it should be developed.

Regards, AS Team.
Where is the Front Page slider in the latest template update?
What has happened to the Module Positions information for this template? There is nothing displayed on the As Template website.
The module positions table you can find on the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
Module positions in latest update are not working properly. I have positioned a module titled topmenu in position 1 and it's showing in position 4. What is going on?
What template version do you have? For the Joomla 2.5 please see the following:

Regards, AS Team.
Is the error below related to the template.

Fatal error: Call to a member function getTag() on a non-object in /home/m3r5ha9l/public_html/libraries/cms/application/site.php on line 306
Please chack the following article, hope it will help you:

Regards, AS Team.
After I have the site tested on a test site, I would like to install it now on the original site. So I created a database and execute quickstart. After that I like to install the Joomla installation. But I come no further than the Pre-Installation check. What to do next?
Do you have any messages in the presentational check? Usually it happens if your server doesn't meet technical requirements, please see the following page for the requirements:

Regards, AS Team.
AS Team,

Your Question: What template version do you have? For the Joomla 2.5 please see the following:

My answer: I'm using version for Joomla 3.0 on latest Joomla 3.30 on test server.
In this case, if you installed template using quick-start installation package the main menu you can find in the module position 1, on our demo preview page it is also published in position 1.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello ASTeam,
I have no messages in the presentational check.
And the provider has everything as it should be.
So it is curious do you not?
Try to install origonal joomla installation from website, if you will have the same problem you have to contact your hosting provider, otherwise you will need to provide us with an access to your server via cPanel for checking this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello ASTeam,

Origonal Joomla installation had the same problem in doing so, I got the following message: Your host needs to disable magic_quotes_gpc to run this version of Joomla!
The provider has this resolved, after which everything was ready.
So problem solved and thanks.
regards Gjalt.
How can I realise the FAQ accordion, like in the demo? I didn't find any information! Is this a special plugin? Is it in the templatefile included? I didn't find it.
Have you installed this template using quick-start installation package? If so, the HTML code example you can find in the article named FAQ's under category About.

Regards, AS Team.
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