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Hello compufix,
Can you please provide us with an URL, we would like to this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
The url is
Hello compufix,
Sorry, We don't see any problems, we refreshed it 10 times the menu worked fine.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello ASDesign, I have purchased the Template with the Item name: 002035 Premium Version. Now I got a question about the Google Map Plugin. How did you do the "Contact US" Page in your Demo of the Tempflate. ( Can you explain it or give me a Code please? Regards, Wowienem
Hello wowienem,
In the module position 56 you have to put the following code:

<div class="googlemap">{mosmap}</div>

The plugin documentation you can see on the following site:

Regards, AS Team.
Can you give me a tuturial or explain how i install this template with the same stuff of the demo? For be the same

Thank you

The dome version doesn't have all features like the premium, you can't have on it the same stuff.
The template documentation you can see here:

Regards, AS Team.
i do such the documentation and it not the same of the demo :

see where:

The dome version doesn't have all features like the premium, you can't have on it the same stuff.

Regards, AS Team.
and the same structure ? with different stuff

When i bought the premium version and i see there is an update how can i get that update. When i go to my account i see all my purchaged templates but when i want to download one i get the free version.
please advise..

Sorry about all the typos. And the mail is not for RYZONNN but ofcourse for ASTemplates.
I see i can download the premium templates now. So thanks for the quick change.

J.M. Krikken
Good morning,
we are trying to use this beatiful template but we have a problem with the width of the left column that doesn't contain the "currency" listbox.

Is it possible to change the left column width?

Thanks and best regards.

Hello cednira,
You have to make changes in the css files.

Regards, AS Team.
Sorry for the inconvenience. I bought this template ( 002035), it is the third of AStemplate, are great, I'm very happy with your material.
I can not to know how to add social buttons like the template example, but specifically at position 55. Can anyone can help me please? any codec?

Thank you very much,
The position 55 is not designed for the social icons. You have to write your own css, as example you can use the '#footer .row2 #social' class in the tmpl.footer.css file, try to rename it to '#footer .row3 .social' and in the custom html module put something like this:

<div class="social">
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/sampledata/facebook_logogr.png" alt="Facebook" title="Facebook" width="30" height="30" /></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/sampledata/twitter_logogr.png" alt="Twitter" title="Twitter" width="30" height="30" /></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/sampledata/linkedin_logogr.png" alt="LinkedIn" title="LinkedIn" width="30" height="30" /></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/sampledata/blogger_logogr.png" alt="Blogger" title="Blogger" width="30" height="30" /></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="images/sampledata/myspace_logogr.png" alt="MySpace" title="MySpace" width="30" height="30" /></a>

Regards, AS Team.
Thanks very much!
I bought the template 002035 premium from you.
But after install i don't have the categories inside as you mentioned in your tutorial. I have only uncatogrized. And i cannot build the site like your presentation seen on your site. How can i set this home about us,, in the top and the rest so my layout looks like yours.
Maybe this are silly questions cause i'm a novice with joomla and expected i have my first site in the layout as I bought, and then change the content. Would be great if you can help me.
Best regards
you can purge my comment i got it working
Please, can I do this modification?:

I do not get it,

Sorry and thanks
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