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We have an issue with Megamenu view and appereance such as:
When we are at home page the Megamenu looks perfect and alligned at the middle of page. When we are at any other menu or submenu item the Megamenu is alligned left by resulting a cutted view at 100% of screen. Only at 90% we have an acceptable view but of course we can not tell to our client for their screen resolution.

Can you please tell us what we have to do?

Kind regards

Thank you for your reply. As we are just start to create the new website in local server, you can reach to this at BUT AFTER EDITING YOUR LOCAL HOSTS to IP

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards

Thank you very much for the reply and the solution you gave. We did the same and issue is solved.

Thank you once more for your support.

Kind regards
Hello again,

We have two small questions-issues.
1- The video is not playing at mobiles. (We added our client's video) but even your's demo is not playing.The configuration at Page builder row>>responsive tab are in "Hidden No" position for all the switches for mobile/tablet and desktop. We try to open your demo site link
but even this is not playing the video.
Is there something to be done?
2- As we did not succeed to find this, where is the GDPR cookies consent plugin opened as pop-up on the bottom left of the website?

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards

Thank you very much for the update. Will expect your news.

Kind regards

Thank you for your reply. We tried to follow your steps but unfortunatelly we did not succeed to get a result. We have converted the MP4 video to OVG, inserted this as main background but still we can not see the video on mobiles.

Where is our mistake?

Kind regards

Hello, I downloaded the paid file for joomla version 4.2.7 but it doesn't work what should I do?
Hello, the problem is that I can not install the template.
hello, after installing the quikstar package successfully I can not edit, the template nor update Joomla or change the language to the panel. it returns me this message: An error has occurred.
0 Missing field in database: JoomlaCMSTableExtension extension_id.

Login : j4admin
PSW: Jetmachine

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