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Please see the following page, it explains how to add the form:

Regards, AS Team.
i've downloaded this template and i want to change the slider but i dont know how.

i've searched in modules, extension, but it isnt there.

How do I disable the slider?
i ask if this tempalte support RTL ????
It doesn't support, sorry.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, yesterday I've bought your template As002036.
Template has superior design, great work!

I have one problem so far.
When I log in to the site, I see button "Edit profile" which has text shifted
from the button and hover/normal images do not match.
Very similar problem is with the "Log out" button.

Your help would be very appreciated.
Can you please provide us with your site URL, we would like to check this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
The site is
(this is direct login link), user and password is "registered".
Login/logout link is "PRIHLASENI" in the footer.
Just released an update with fixing this issue, please download it from your AS account and replace the tmpl.content.css file, or, if you made any changes just add the following class at the bottom of the file:

#hikashop_checkout_page .button,
#hikashop_product_quantity_main .button,
.hikashop_products .button,
.cb_button_wrapper .button,
#login-form .button,
#contact-form .button,
#searchForm .button,
#member-registration button,
#user-registration button,
#adminForm button,
.login button.,
.logout button,
.profile .button
width: 132px;
height: 40px;
margin: 10px 0px 0px 0px;
padding: 0px 0px 10px 0px;

Regards, AS Team.

Great work, thanks a lot!

(login button stopped working after patching, corrected ".login button.," to ".login button," in tmpl.content.css)


Thank You for the correction :)

Regards, AS Team.
Dear developer I've unfortunatelly have a Template Problem with the button.below my contact site who is called "senden". I don't know how to fix even thoug I've made the changes in the template file like the one who had the same issue and posted it on the comments. Could you please tell me what I need to do to fix that problem? my site is Best regards
Please add the following class in the tmpl.content.css file or in the Custom CSS area in the template parameters:

.fcp_page .button
width: 132px;
height: 40px;
margin: 10px 0px 0px 0px;
padding: 0px 0px 10px 0px;

Regards, AS Team.
Perfect thank you for your fast help!
I bought this template (as002036-premium) a month ago. Can I download the new update without back pay?
Hello RAMON51,
The item you can download from 'My Purchased Items' section of your AS Template account.

Regards, AS Team.
I want the same (Hours & Contacts) like in the preview demo.
I have now the contact formular.

But i want the same 2 Boxes with the clock picture(i can´t find it) and the box under it.

Also i did not know how to get the same google map like in the preview.

There is no help in the "How To" Area.

Can you help me?

thx manuela
Please see the following article, you need positions 43 and 44:
The GoogleMap plugin documentation you can find on this site:

Regards, AS Team.


I really like the font you are using for menus by default (antipasto/Bauhaus).
Unfortunately, there are no national (accented) characters in this font, so thought about creating menu items as images.
Unfortunately I'm not able to change image in hover/normal state.

Is there a way to accomplish this?
Your buttons do it, so I suppose yes.
Your help would be greately appreciated.

In our template, on hover, we change the font color, not image.
In this case you have to write your own css.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi, I have the free version of this template, I have installed this on Joomla, however when I type my website into a search engine my website comes up as AS templates, I would prefer it to say my company name. How can I do that..?.

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