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Hi there,

Last week, I bought this template. I converted the images from green to purple and updated the CSS settings on the template settings as well. The result can be found here:

After doing so, I noticed that three entities were not covered by making these changes and were still green:

- sub items in main menu (menu 4 -> Menu 4-1 in website)
- sub-sub items in main menu (menu 4 -> Menu 4-1-> Menu 4-1-1 in website)
- borders in contact form (contact in website)

I fixed this by adding the following to the custom CSS:

#header .row1 #topmenu ul li
background-color: #b29cbe;

#header .row1 #topmenu ul ul li
background-color: #BFBCD3;

input, textarea
border: 1px #A08db3 solid;

It might be interesting for other users of this template if this can be done under the template settings as well; it will save them some effort.


Pleun Baan
Hello pleunbaan,
Thank you for publishing this info!!! Sure it will help to a lot of developers.

Regards, AS Team.

Can you help me please, I can't make the menu items russian. When I write in russian, the menu item doesn't show anything.

How can I fix this problem?

Vachagan Arakelyan
Hello Vachagan,
The Cufon fonts doesn't support Cyrillic, please use standard html fonts, you can choose them in the template parameters.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you for quick answer. Can you tel me where I can find the template parametrs and how to change it?

Thank you.

Hello Vachagan,
In your admin Joomla admin panel you should go to:
Extensions -> Template Manager and click on the template name in the left column.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you very much. It worked.

Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Firstly thanks for a great template and very useful support.

I have just updated to v2.0.0 of the template as I wanted to skip the old splash page and go directly to the homepage.

However, it seems to just load the index.php page with no parameters so not that useful, could it load /index.php/homepage instead please?

I know I could probably change it myself but I don't want to overwrite any of my changes with any future updates.

Hello paulnewton54,
It is because you home page is still a splash page, in the Joomla admin panel, please go to Menus -> Main Menu and check the Home page as your default home page. Hope that was your problem.

Regards, AS Team.

Hello As Templates,

Could you please kindly help me about how to upgrade my template to the latest updated released version.

Also, Could you please help me about how to change green color in the template to another color ( like in this website where it has purple color in the place of green). I am not sure about which file i have to work on to make changes in it.

Also, can you guide me how to work with the front page girl image. I mean to ask how can i make clear picture like the girl one. Is there any way how to make picture like that ( example in this website had exactly same like yours). I have uploaded the image(HD Pic only) that i have but it showing as partition in the front page. can you help me how to get only picture with white background to get picture like yours.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Hello nishanthireddy,

The template update should be done by uploading all files from the installation package on your server using FTP.

Regarding your other questions, sorry we can't help you, they are too general, we are providing support for critical issues only, we are sorry about that.

But, there was some good comment from PLEUNBAAN, posted 2012-04-03, hope it will help you.
Or you can contact us through the 'Our Services' page and ask for our services.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi nishanthireddy,

To change green in purple, I performed the following steps:
- Under menu -> templates, you will see many entries where green is used. I changed all of them to purple
- I used the provided PSD file to change all provided images from green to purple
- I added the CSS, shown some comments earlier, to the custom CSS to override the CSS stuff that can't be changed via the template parameters.

Regards, Pleun Baan
Hello As Templates,

Will the work which i have done on the template will be erased by uploading all files from installation package again? I have been working on it for the past couple of days.

I am not sure of what are considered as " critical issues only ". When we were buying the template we were not mentioned any where as we will be getting support for only the critical issues.

I am asking help regarding to the template about how to change green color to different color which you guys didn't provide any easy option to the customers to customize it according to their requirements.

I understand about the picture in the front page which might be general, I just thought to check with you if you can provide me any help.

Kindly help me about the green color where i can work according to my requirements.

Thank you,
Perfect, thank you..

Hello Pleun Baan,

Thank you very much for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Due to my lack of knowledge in using templates i have been struggling to modify the template according to my requirements.

I liked your website very much. This is what exactly i was working like change color green to other color and changing the front page girl image to something else. You got everything correct. it is really good.

Also, i am trying to follow your steps but i am not able to get it exactly. U have mentioned " Under menu -> templates, you will see many entries where green is used. " I am sorry i am not sure where is this available. I have searched in Joomla but i am not able to see any such option. Do you mind helping me about it. Also, is there is any way that i can contact you directly ( email ) regarding to this, as it takes time to be posted here till the administrator approves. Looking forward to your help.

Thank you,
Hello As Templates,

Kindly please answer my concerns. I am finding it very difficult to change the options mentioned above.

Thank you,

Hello nishanthireddy,
Yes all work will be erased if you will upload updated files.

All template parameters are available in your Joomla admin panel under Extensions -> Template Manager, please click on the template name in the left column. On the Template Manager: Edit Style page look on the right side for the template parameters. The preview of all available parameters you can see on the following page:

Sorry, we are not able to provide customization services for free. You have to contact our services center through the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
I am experiencing difficulty in linking the homepage button on the splash page to other menu on my website. When I click on it, it keeps going back to the splash page.
Please how do I resolve this issue?
Hello gowokade,
Yes, that's right, because the splash page is your default home page. Our suggestion is create another page and name it 'Home' like we have on our demo preview.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello! Can you tell me please how to insert google map cordinates to template?
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