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Hello Delightgroup,

I've just purchased the primus template and installed the T3 plugin and all additional plugins delivered with the the template. This all went fine.

But when i try to open the site in my browser (FF) no website is shown (all blank/white). When i select any other template or the T3 blank template it shows just fine.

Can you please help me ?

Kind regards,
Rob (Holland)

Thanks a lot for the quick response, great service !
I see it's working just fine now.

Kind regards,

i updated my theme and my menus desapear.

what can i do? is the website

I send the details from


I just can figure out where I can change the "More..." button when having a "read more" as I want a German translation.
As there seems to be no translation of the theme into German I changed the "read more" expression in com.content in languages (English) but there is still the "More..." link.

Could be please tell me where I have to change it?

Thank you in advance

BTW: very nice template, although quite difficult to change it properly
We just installed the Primus Template and it would not run with the latest version of JAT3 (2.5.8) We removed the plugin and installed an older version (2.5.1) and the template opens and runs fine.

Do you have plans to incorporate the latest version or do we need to continue to ignore the update notification?


I've just bought the primus template. I've installed and published T3 Framework, then installed Primus Template as it is explained in the documentation. And I've got the message MISSING_JAT3_FRAMEWORK_PLUGIN. Do you have any idea how can I solve this please? Thank you

I use Joomla 2.5 and JA T3v3 System Plugin.
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Great template, thank you!

My client is being a pain and wants to restrict the width of the template to 980px, with a grey background at the sides.

Could you point me in the right direction to modify the template to achieve this?

Hi, I'm using this template for a domain, and I'ld like to change the favicon.ico displayed for the website.

Could you tell me where I can change this favicon?

Thanks a lot.
I've just purchased the Gemini template and installed the JAT3 plugin. Every thing seem to be OK. But when i try to open my website the thing goes wrong.
Can you please help me ?

Kind regards,
Mahuna (France)

I already use the Primus v.9 template and I would like to upgrade to the newest version 11.0.0. The question is should I install another framework different than I already have (T3 framework) or a new version of it or nothing. In this case should I deactivate or uninstall the old T3 framework? Please let me know what to do.

Thank you

Kind Regards


I am impressed from the direct response. All are clear.

Thank you

Kind Regards

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