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Is there any update of the template or of the quickstart? I have many problems.
I don’t have the module artsexylite.
I didn’t have the module art piecemaker (the 3d slideshow on the home page) and I downloaded from the internet.
The K2 didn’t work properly and I updated in order to work properly
I cant change the ordering number of the articles… The cell is disable.
The button Read more in the gemini demo is completly different in the my joomla...actually does not exist. I made it myshelf adding code in the css.
Perhaps I haven’t install properly the quickstart… What I made is to install the joomla 2.5 from the quickstart.
greetings, i'm using the gemini template, and i've a problem, i cant edit the content of the front page, more exactly, the module that contains the articles.
the module manager don't show any module to manage the contents in the front page, please, i need help.

the page:

my problem is after the portfolio section.

I want to install it on myself if it is posible, but the problem is that when I try to install it by joomla extension the uphold doesn´t never arrive to 100%

I hope your reply:


in this template the slider has a very nice slide (see demo) Can you say me which slider modul this is an which preferences do you use for this effect?

Thanks ;)

Thank you very much for this great template. Unfortunetaly I am unable to edit the styles colors etc. I cannot access the preference/style menu??

What did I do wrong?

Thank you in advance!
Template version: 1.0.0 (gemini)
Joomla version: 3.0.3

To make myself clear I am unable to edit any syle of the template in the backend of joomla. If I click on the template I can only see:

Options: basic config.

thank you in advance
You can also contact me at

Thank you very much in advance.
Could you please send me the correct version since I downloaded the 3.0 yesterday which is not working. It seems that the package I downloaded is not including the correct 3.0 version. After that could you please delete my message including my e-mail adres.

Once again thank you very much.
I have bought the gemini package, bun in the .zip file, in the directory for joomla 3.0 it is the wrong content, it is version 2.5 in the 3.0 library, could you please correct it.

We are waiting for it.
We have not heard anything from you.

Could you please respond to the messages ?
When do you exspect that to happen ?

It still does not Work, this is getting quite anoying.

It still says 2.5 in version, even when i use the 3.0 version in the download.

What to do ?
Where should i send the e-mail to?

I have reinstalled the whole site, it is still the same, it does not work.
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