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Tengo otro problema. Extensión Revolution_slider no es compatible con Joomla 3.0. Usted puede obtener otra versión
Thank you.
Joan Ramon
buenos dias. compre la version "regular licence" de gemini, y queria instalar igual que la demo, pero no consigo que me salga igual. Lo instalo sobre joomla 2.5, y veo que en el fichero descargado hay un, la plantilla, y otro fichero! para que sirve este ultimo fichero?
Gracias por su ayuda!
hi, I bought the template gemini complete package and saw that the loading time of the site are very slow. Is there anything that can be done to solve this problem? This is the link of the site: / web
I use joomla 2.5

I bought Gemini template, and saw that there is "unite revolution slider responsive extension" given inside, but the changelog of the extension give a version number of

"version 1.5.6"

where the website

give a number version of

"Current version (1.4.2) 15.10.2012"

which I don't understand, the given extension appearing to be newer than the official last one ?

could you please explain me ?

Thank you

King Regards,
Hello there,

Please let me know the following.

(1) How many levels of menu/sub-menu can I create with this template?
(2) is there FAQ menu/page included?
(3) what your other templates contain all features like pricing tables, pricing boxes, mutilevel menus (3 level at least) and preconfigured FAQ?
Hi there.

I just purchased this template. The contains just a blank 2.5 installation and not a demo install with modules etc. as shown on your homepage. Not even a sql file for the database. Wrong upload? Where can I get a real quickstart file with a Joomla adapted to the template?

Trank you in advance.

Best regards, Ingo
Template not compatible with Joomla 3.1.1? The style/profile menus are not shown in the admin backend...
Hi there.

Thank you, after renaming and rezipping the template the options seem to be accessible now.

The problem with the quicktstart file still persists. Some details: I downloaded

The 2.5 quickstart contains only two files: and is only a blank (!) Joomla 2.5 installation without any sort of preconfigured template, modules etc. - not helpful to find out how you created the demo whic his shown online. Normally quickstart files should contain those files, config sets and a sql-file that prepares the database table entries, right? Did I misunderstand the idea of that Normally the template clubs offer a quickstart package that contains everything like seen at the online demo in order not to start from the scratch.

Or do you deliver accidentally the wrong 2.5 installation in the download file?

Best regards, Ingo
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Please help me! I have no config area for the template!

I bought the Gemini Template and I have the problem that on some PC´s the piecemaker plugin is not working.

My Homepage

If I open the AS Template preview, on all PC´s is it ok.

Can you help me in this case?

Many thanks in advance!


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