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I have error

Fatal error: t3import not found object: core.libs.Browser in /homez.722/abamenag/www/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/common.php on line 33
OLÁ, estou com problema de login, quando faço o login entro na página de alterar senha, com faço para entrar na minha conta.

i have problem with multi-multilanguage main menu.
can you help please.


When i want to install quickstart themplate on my localserver installation progress go with no errors. I use option sample data but when i want to view page give me a lot of errors.


Have i do some wrong?
When installing quickstart, it seems to progress for a bit, then stops and takes me back to the Joomla install page. Won't complete the install. Had same problem on Gemini template too. When I check the database, it has created the tables. I'm installing on Siteground. Any ideas.
Worked great. Thanks very much for the assistance.
i have Streak installed. It works good, but can you tell me, how to delete the text "Primer Templates Premium and elegant joomla templates.
Disclaimer: All content is fictional and meant for demo purposes only. " at the end of my site

Here the link:

Please give me an answer soon as possible. Thank you
Greetings Susanne
I'am so stupid :-)
Thank you very much. It works :-)
leider kann ich das Template mit quickstart nicht installieren.
Ich habe alles eingegeben bekomme aber dann folgende Fehlermeldung:

Field required: Site Name

Field required: Admin Email

Field required: Admin Username

Field required: Admin Password

Field required: Confirm Admin Password
Ich habe die Licenz am 30.04.2017 gekauft.

VG Susicim

der Text vor breadcrumbs "You are here:" wird nicht auf deutsch übersetzt. Wo kann ich dies ändern? in der

ist alles richtig.

Danke und VG Susicim
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