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I need to remove the "title" attribute from menu items. I tried to set "No" both in "Link option->add title menu" and "Parameters (JA extended)->Show titlo" but id doesn't work.
I tried to search into template php code but can't find the menu template file.
Thank you.

I have been slowly building a site using Agronomy template and have found it easy to use, however today I was adjusting the iPhone template on my laptop and the site has now locked into the iPhone style only on Firefox and only on my laptop.
I have checked other browsers and other computers with Firefox and they are all OK.
On my machine the cpanel tab is missing and the iphone menu does not work so i can't seem to get out of the iPhone template.
Any advise please
Can anyone please help with the issue of being locked into the iPhone style on Firefox.
Hello Sir,
I am using your Agronomy template for multilingual joomla 2.5 site and I have some problems regarding to this template are as follows:

1) Login & Register buttons are shown in preview but not display it on template, instead of that search textbox is present in top panel, when I add any php code for Login button, the template is not supporting that code and it affect the whole structure of the template.

2) When I click on any photo gallery image, then it not displaying any full size image into the lightbox. when all lightbox code is present into the index.php file.
Another issue is that, when I try to install the extension to create a module in joomla for "artsexylightbox",on the same time it gives error message => JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file.

3)I installed the 'NivoSzakiSlider' but the format of that slider is having some different visualization reference to the previous & next button images and small round buttons series which present at the bottom of the slider, I linked it properly by the media manager-> images section but it couldn't get work same like that original template.

Please provide me solution regarding these queries

Thank You,
Regards ,

With the reference to above comment POSTED on 2012-12-07 from me, i am waiting for your reply. I am trying to solve these problems but it cant work on these issue.
Please reply me as early as possible with the solution regarding the above queries.

I Bought the template AGROnomy, but I can't install de t3 framwork. The plugin don't work (this is in guide, comes with template) Can you send me a template complete? with this plugin. I buy a lot of template and I never see that... thank you
ok thank you!

my e-mail is:

How can I pass login details to you?

If you prefer send me another download complete template
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Hello, Thank you for your help, but I have another problem...

Where the slideshow of template agronomy?

waiting. thank youuu
Hi, is there someone who can give me support and instructions in German?

Ich habe folgendes Problem, habe gestern mein Template gekauft und auch die dazu nötigen Plugins installiert. Meine Joomla Version ist 2.5.8 - im front end kann ich normal arbeiten jedoch sobald ich auf Vorschau kilcke passiert das hier: Fatal error: t3import not found object: core.libs.Browser in /usr/www/users/ffbwey/Home_styling_HP/cms/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/common.php on line 33

Ich habe jetzt nochmal alles deinstalliert und neu installiert und es funktioniert trotzdem nicht ;) meine Verwendeten Plugins sind: plg_system_jat3.v2.5.8 ja_t3_blank.v2.5.2 alles von

Bitte um HILFE! Herzlichen Dank, kind regards Julia
Hi I have bought from you, the template "agronomy". Now I have also successfully installed joomla 2.5. Now my problem. Whenever I recruiting than standard template, the preview displays a blank page. Can you help me. Thanks and best regards

I have installed quick start pack (excluding configuration.php as written in news section), but something, probably, went wrong... In fact, when the first time I logged in administration panel, I saw extensions (like T3, k2, foxcontact or even template) were not listed and so not enable and viewable on site... I ask why and what happened... but, more, what can I do?
In the past I bought some others templates for joomla, and they send me everytime sql-dump file to create my site like shown in demo preview. why here is there not?

I bougth the template agronomy but didn't come the Agro Galery.
Can you send me please?

Thank you!
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