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Is there a solution for the following problem?:
When I hover over a menu item and want to click on the sub menu items, and I move with my mouse to it, the sub menu items dissapear before I can click on them.
Help would be appreciated much!
Sorry, the solution is premium version, the free version doesn't support all features.

Regards, AS Team.
Oh that's regrettable..
I hope the Premium version does fix the problem :)

I am considering purchasing this template so I decided to try the free version first.


How do I remove the

<!--<dt class="article-info-term"></dt>-->

This module shows up above my article and acts like a hit counter.

Hello DAVEW5150,
Sorry, there is no support for the free version.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi there..,
I got luck and successfully try Joomla for the first time in my live with your template. I love it.
$21 Dollar is fair enough for this template. Its save lot of my time and money to build site. There was many minor adjustment I have made .(sorry..) and your PHP was tricky .. , You are really just not good but GOD in PHP. Your templates too much features for my site.
Thank you and say Hi for your team.
For my second attempt, I plan to learn Joomla in 'liquid' width. I need your advise to chose template for your collection. I look for 2040 template, is that template support for liquid width ?
I hope your apologize for my bad English due it is not my nature.
Thank you again.
Best regards.
Yes, the AS002040 is a responsive template, but you should know that it was developed on the T3 Platform.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you AS Team. ,
As you say 'T3 Platform', its surprise and sound like new species :-) for me.
As long your templates 2039 make me happy I do not want to get nightmare with those new species (T3, Terminator or RoboCop). So I choose 2036 for my another site.
I hope it would be my second luck. Most of all, I hope your team would give me some assistance or support. As you know I have nothing knowledge in CMS.
Once again, Thank you and I go for 2036
Best regards
Hello, I'm delighted with my purchase of this wonderful new template ...
sorry for a mistake at the top of my page ....
please. I can help solve?
thank you very much ....
website: www.

Hola, estoy encantado con mi nueva compra de esta maravillosa plantilla...
lástima de un error en la cabecera de mi página....
por favor. me pueden ayudar a solucionar?
muchas gracias....
mi web: www.
It looks like the file 'ie6warning.php' is missed on your server.
Can you please look for it in the 'templates/as002039' folder, if there is no such file please download the installation package one more time from your AS account, take it from the '' file and upload it on your server via FTP.
Otherwise, please contact us through the 'Contact Us' page and provide with an access to your server, we will check this issue for you.

Regards, AS Team.
thank you very much friends ....
was enough to reinstall.... :)

muchas gracias amigos....
fue suficiente con instalarlo de nuevo.... :)
I have just purchased a license for this template.


Is there an option to hide this?

<!--<dt class="article-info-term"></dt>-->

This module shows up above my article and acts like a hit counter.

Hello DAVEW5150,
Can you please provide us with an access to your site, and let us know on which page you see the line? We would like to see the issue.

Regards, AS Team

i have make a website with template free. now the site it's ok.

You can switch from free vesion to the premium version without having to redo the work. if so, what file I need to replace once you purchase the premium version to my web site where I saved the template free?


sorry for my bad English! im live in italy!
It depends on the changes you made in the template files.
You may have both free and premium version installed on your server.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello friends, I would like to know which CSS file should I edit to install fonts from google fonts?
Can you give me the path?
thank you very much .... :)

¿Hola amigos, quisiera saber que archivo CSS debo editar para instalar fuentes de google fonts?
¿me podeis decir la ruta?
muchas gracias.... : )
You have to make changes in the following files:

Regards, AS Team.

Again, I thank you very much for a great template. I would like to change the size of a module and for some reason can not find where. Can you please tell me. Thank you Position 7
The position-7 size calculates depends on the size of slider position, you can change it using:
Template General Configuration parameters -> Slider width (3rd from the top).

Regards, AS Team.

Thank there any way to change the size of the module and not the slider
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