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Joomla Admin Access Provided. Please check

Check it now.

Regards, AS Team.

We disabled System - JB Library plugin.

Regards, AS Team.
Great! It is working now but can you tell me what you did as this problem is too frequent on this website so that I can be able to resolve it without disturbing you
Hello, i have just installed quikstart and have some trubles with modules OUR STUFF and Latest Interior Design.

Now some errors turned ON - may be it will help you to understand what is the problem.
When i turn it off i have only problem with OUR STUFF module - i cant see it at all...(

And i cant see page - contakts..((

Can you fix it or tell me - how to fix all the problems. Thanks
For checking this issue can you please provide us with an access to your Joomla admin panel? The access info please put in the Special info area under your Purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
Joomla Admin Access Provided. Please check
I solve the problem...
OUR STUFF module
k2 Users - they should be. I have add to database users with their numbers and thats all.
Contacts page i repair also - just replace files - add them from template as002093 in html folder...
Kindly check, is not displaying well. Username and Password updated in the author club page
What we have to check please? Please provide us with detailed info.

Regards, AS Team.
Kindly check

Fresh Template File not installing
More info please.

Regards, AS Team.
I can't really say. I do not know the problem of this template as well. The domain expired and the website was neglected. I paid for the domain today and see all these problems. To reinstall the template and load the images with the existing database is also a problem. Can't really tell. Is the template not compatible with ipage hosting environment? A lot of your templates and other templates are doing well on the same hosting.
Can you please let us know what is exactly problem with the installation, do you have any error messages?

Regards, AS Team.
The installation does not move to the database stage without any error. Check it here:
Let me know if you need further information to install it
It does, here is a screenshot:

Regards, AS Team.
Cordial Saludo, compre una licencia extendida y me llego el mensaje de descarga pero al cargar el archivo comprimido en joomla este no sube, no sale ningún mensaje de error pero tampoco mensaje de carga exitosa, porfavor ayuda con este tema. gracias...
Are you trying to install quick-start package or just the template package?

Regards, AS Team.
estoy instalando el archivo tal cual se descargo, disculpeme pero soy novato en el tema y no se si este archivo se trata de un inicio rapido lo cual no tengo idea de que se trata o si el archivo es el paquete de la plantilla, se supone que lo que se compro fue la lantilla completa el paquete Quickstart
Please check the template installation documentation, it should help you:

Regards, AS Team.
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