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Dear Gentleman,
Now i get little experience in joomla with your templates (2036 and 2039). Next step I need your advice for advance. I want to learn about dynamic width, liquid width (whatever ..). I need that the width is automatic adjust to screen resolution width percentage (not fixed width by pixel). I do not understand the term of "responsive" at this template.
Does this template as I need ?
Thank you.

This template has 5 different layouts :
1 . width of screen : 1600px and more - large screen
2. from 950px to 1599px - normal screen
3. from 768px to 949px - tablet / ipad screen
4. from 480px to 767px - iphone / ipod screen
5. less than 479px - mobile device screen

You can test template in the different devices / monitors by using our demo preview .

Regards, AS Team
hello, in this template as it is possible to image in articles without formatting? when I insert images become large and edges but I do not want this ... thank you!

Please, provide us with Your URL , and more information where and what would you like to change.

Regards, AS Team.

What happened to the calendar?

What do you mean ?

Regards, As Team.
When you first view displayed incorrectly.
Now all is well.
how can i change the artisan and modern interior design logo on my purchase template, also can i change the banner to my own images

Logo you can change in the template manager / profile.

What do you mean banner ? Please provide us with more information.

Regards, AS Team.
when i try to edit the index.php this is what is get
if (class_exists('T3Template')) {
$tmpl = T3Template::getInstance();
} else {
//Need to install or enable JAT3 Plugin

i can see the doctype in the t3template but how to edit it
pls help

This template build by T3 framework technology , for more information please read following guide :

Regards, AS Team.
i have read over and over again on the
but i can make things right, can you please give me a clue how directly to change my template 2041 Doctype to html5 please and how to change the header banner to my own images

1. You do not have to change doctype to HTML 5 , it's already support it.
2. If you mean by banner image slider on the top - you have to edit it in module manager / btslider.

Regards, AS Team.
let me give you my point, any page that support html5 doctype hs the doctype code as <!!DOCTYPE html> for the page to be html 5 active but all the pages in this templates are not in <DOCTYPE html> hence the browser will not recognised it as html5
sorry to be disturbing you because my problem is not solve, then there is something wrong with the template you sent to me, i just check all the pages none had (!DOCTYPE html> but all had this one
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
which is not html5 as you know
the template i bought was 2041, as well as 2031 but the 2031 i was able to change the doctype to html 5 but am not very good at T3 framework
as i said it you go to where you can change it you will only see this php<?php
if (class_exists('T3Template')) {
$tmpl = T3Template::getInstance();

means if the T3Template doctype is not change the pages will not be effected


You can change it in plugins/system/jat3/jat3/base-themes/default/page/default.php

Regards, AS Team.
Why a folder images .quarantine (002041)?

what do you mean?
good morning

moving to a remote site with your basic template, I get the blank page in frontend and backend change if I put a basic template and then you see it. how can I do .. / hydro

Sorry, not quite understood your problem, but we think you have to install and config the Joomla CMS and all templates and extensions on the new server. Where from you are moving?

Regards, AS Team.
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