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Hello ROBERTO76,
In this case our suggestion is install the template using the quick-start installation package. Your site will looks exact like our demo preview.
The quick-start package is a fully functional and customized Joomla! package containing the default Joomla installation package, all modules, choosen template and plugins with all the configurations and data in one place. The sample data in the quickstart package is also personalised according to the template and is much different to the sample data found in the default Joomla package.

Regards, AS Team.
We have installed the quick start package and the site and modules are still not working properly. It looks awful! I turned off the author, address, hits, etc, but as you can see they are still showing up. The text for the boxes at the bottom of the pages is not showing up, but the read more button is. I need this site up and running and have followed your instructions. THis shouldn't be that difficult. Please let me know what the problem is and how to fix it!
Sorry, your site is offline, we can't see it.
If your tech guy will install the quick-start package accordingly to the template documentation everything should work fine. Without to see your site we can't say you if it was installed using quick-start package or it was just template installation.

Regards, AS Team. is not down. you must be sure to add the www. He did install the quick start according to your documentation. This has been going on for over a month now. CAn you please let me know why the modules aren't working correctly and why the page author, date, hits, etc are appearing in the modules at the bottom of the page?
Accordingly to the template source code it was installed without the quick-start-package or all the content was deleted right after the installation.
Sorry we can't help you in this case, it should be completely reinstalled or you can ask for our services for manual configuration.

Regards, AS Team.

Just forget it. I have never had this much trouble with a template or support for the template. I will just manually fix everthing myself and forwarn everyone about this. He followed your instructions, if the files are missing, what files or source code is missing? I don't understand how it could be missing as he followed your instructions. Can these files not be easily uploaded?
You can check all the template comments, nobody had such problem.
The uploading and installing process is very easy, you have just follow the template documentation.
BTW, who is your technical guy, is it your hosting company? If so, hosting companies installing Joomla without the quickstart package.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi There,

Is there a way to have two module display NEXT to each other in a position rather than UNDER each other? Specifically, I am looking to put something to the LEFT of the main menu currently in Position-1.

There is no such option, but you can develop/create your css.

Regards, AS Team.
Since the featured module isn't working correctly, how can I remove the bar below the slider that says Silver Oak Drilling LLC at
Can you please let us know which bar are you going to remove, in which module position and the page url.

Regards, AS Team.

I am having an issue with my sub menu disappearing behind my slider.

It works fine for about one minute after the page loads but then appears behind the slider.

I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.
Can you please provide us with your site URL? We would like to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.

I just installed the quick start version. I can't see the template in my template manager. (same thing for the components and modules)

Can you please help me.

Thank you
Hello PITOU68,
Have you installed 'Sample Data'? Please see the template documentation for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
my url is

We are sorry, because you are using third-part slider, our support team is not able to help you, you have ask for our services.
BTW, we don't see any problems, please try to clear your browser cache.

Regards, AS Team.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
I need your help. As I purchased the template I need to increase the width of the drop-down main menu and move the text to the left.
Please tell me how can I do this?
I will be very grateful.

Best regards, Vladislav
Hello VLAD043,
The submenu width size you can change by using the Template Parameters -> Header Configuration Parameters -> Main Menu -> Submenu width.

Regards, AS Team.
I had the trial version and now I have the licensed version.
In the licensed version pops up regularly, "Designed by asdesign"
What must I do?
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