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Hello FORTE04,

It was conflict between Joomla original and k2 user registration. We disabled user registration in k2 component.

Regards, AS Team.
Thank you very mach your answer...


Hi all, some help really appreciated. When in product view the template defaults to one item per line. The viewer can then select to see two or three items.

Is there any way to set two items across as the default? (as per image)

Any help really appreciated.

We are sorry, we don't see the item under your account.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi ,

I am changed default language to czech , after that shoping card not working .I must put the item to cart then refresh page /F5/ . In English pop up cart and working normal. When i change to czech language not pop up. Where is a problem ? THX

Please provide us with an access to admin panel, we have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello ASTEMPLATE friends,

I installed the template, but have a few problems/questions.

1.By parameters and items details is written that there are 15 modulepositions. When i like to give een module a position i only can find 3 pieces. Position 2, 4 and 7.
How can I solve that problem?

2.Is it need to use the K2 module or can I also use the joomla menu/backend?

3.Where do I have to make the safe path? In the text is written "/public/sites/vmfiles" and the link leads to configuration, but there is no place where I can make a new file.

Regards, JK

1. We recommend install quickstart package for more understanding functionality of current template, more info here :

In case you don't see position in module manager - type it manually , like position-45 ... All available module positions you can find here :

2. This is your choose, current template support both, k2 and original article manager. For more info see paragraph 1 .

3. read following page :

Regards, AS Team.
Dear AS Team,

I bought this template and was under the assumption that after installing the template on my website would appear as also visible on the preview. Unfortunately this is not so and I have to build the website from bare. For the installation, I have used 'as_002043_virtuemart2_quickstart. What goes wrong?

Please follow instruction from here :

Regards, AS Team.
Dear AS Team,
I did it exactly that way.
How would the result be. A website like the preview or a website that I should build starting from scratch ?

thanks in advance,


Please provide us with site URL, we have to see the issue.

Regards, AS Team.
We checked your site, you have not installed it using the quick-start installation package, please carefully read the template documentation:

Or watch the video tutorial:

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team,

How can I change the pictures in BTSLIDER ?

thanks in advance.

greetz Jan

You can change it in Module Manager / btslider / Images Gallery

Regards, AS Team.
AS Team,
That was the easy part, I already knew that.
Every time there is the notice;
Click Here or Drag & Drop (if you are using firefox, chrome, safari)

Why isn't posible to upload new images. Iam so tired of it, so that I took an other slider in stead of btslider.
Do you have à solution?


Please provide us with an access to Joomla Admin panel via special info in your AS Templates Account, we have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS Team,

The MY CART button doesn't works. It is not possible to put some articles in the cart.

When a customer pushes on the button 'order' then doesn't show the pop-up button. The box 'show pop-up button' is checked-in.

When a customer order some articles then doesn't shows it in the cart under position 36, but when I push the button on 'cart' button on position 60 in the top-head then it appears.

Can you help me to solve this problems with 'MY-CART'

Regards, John
Additional information:
By install in virtuemart the following information appears.

"Invalid Token, in store config"

How can I solve this problem?

Gr John
Have you installed this template using quick-start installation package?
Please provide us with an access to Joomla Admin panel via special info area in your AS Templates Account, we have to see your site.

Regards, AS Team.
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