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I want to buy this template, I try the free template but the extentions are not included.
When i buy this template for 24 $, is the extentions also included like the demo version or must i buy them all one by one ?

What i want is the demo version inclusive all extensions.

Yes, all extensions are included in the premium version, as well premium version has a quick-start installation package, after installing the package your site will look exact like our demo preview.

Regards, AS Team.
I am trying to upload this to my joomla accout and I am having trouble. Please help - I unzipped the file once I installed it to my what?
Hello PAIGEB7,
Have you checked the template documentation?

Regards, AS Team.
Yes I did but when I go to install the file "" I cannot locate it on my desktop. I unzipped the file but I am not sure where this file is?
Hello PAIGEB7,
We are sorry, but we can't help you when you are working on your localhost, it is possible only in case when you upload the package on your server.

Regards, AS Team.
building the template in draft on before we publish on

3 questions

1) the row format on the AS menu is 20 pixels more to the left than the rest. how do I fix that?

2) the height of the banner with logo - where to I define that (I want it lower like on the demo of the template)

3) want to use the blue color style - cant find the setting in the template configuration

1. It is because you have not set the bootstrap size of the module, please set it to 12.
2. It depends on your logo size, make it smaller.
3. You can find it under template general configuration parameters -> template styles.

BTW, our suggestion is install the template using quick-start installation package, after installing the package your site will look exact like our demo preview page, please see the following page for more info:

In most cases we will not be able to help you if you will not install the template using the quick-start installation package.

Regards, AS Team.
Great - trying that

Getting error: Cant find Joomla XML setup file. think I saw that in another comment but cant fint it now.
You have to unzip it first, please see the following page for more info:

Regards, AS Team.
Tried install but the installation restrated several times. I har to complete without content.

Have to try again on another site.

I will make a smaller logo-photo for the banner. how can I adjust the padding of the banner? 20-25 pixel is a lot for my design :)
You can do it only by editing your image.

Regards, AS Team.
I realy waited long now for many weeks and the same links if you try to google the site are linked back at your site, see links donw here i changed the name of the site in xxxx.

Please remove these two links because the cache of google is already renewd and still i see the links. It's not so nice for my clients and me neighter if some one googles the site and it revers to the astemplate site.

Joomla! Template Support History - 002046 - RedDesigns Vertaal deze pagina
24 feb. 2013 - as you can see I cant choose the button for the next step.

Joomla! Template Support - Item 002046 - Page 8 Vertaal deze pagina
24 feb. 2013 - RedDesigns. POSTED: 2013-06-25. View History. I made a test site:

Please delete or change the site name of these two sites so it wont be googled.

Kindest regards,

All your posts with all urls were completely removed from our database as you have asked us. Sorry, we can't remove it from google cache.

Regards, AS Team.

Have just started using this template for one of my clients. I am trying to use Joomla's Two Factor Authentication system to restrict login access. I am unable to get this working, on the frontend, it will not display the page. Even when only enabling for backend access i am unable to login from the front...

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!

please email me:

Kind Regards

We are sorry, it is not our product, you have to contact the product developer or ask for our services. BTW, your membership subscription doesn't include our support.

Regards, AS Team.

Is there something wrong with as-position-22? I don't get the CSS styles that should be in place.

Nothing wrong, can you please let us know more info about the problem?

Regards, AS Team.
Sure, we are currently developing the website on a demo server so I'm not allowed to post a link here. Is there someway I can send you the link via PM? Thanks for the quick response.
You can put it in the Special Info area under your Purchased Items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
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