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Can you please translate these words to German and we will provide you with a new language package.

Regards, AS Team.
hi, my website is in german/english

i dont like the contact list in my site for the same contact.
but this template show the contactonly , if "contactlist" activated :/
is there any solution?

Please provide us with an access to your site, we have to see this issue. The access info please put in the special info area under your purchased items section of your AS account.

Regards, AS Team.
i allready remove the 2 echos in

<!-- Contact list -->
<?php if ($this->params->get('show_contact_list') && count($this->contacts) > 1) : ?>
<form action="#" method="get" name="selectForm" id="selectForm">
<?php ECHO JHtml::_('select.genericlist', $this->contacts, 'id', 'class="inputbox" onchange="document.location.href = this.value"', 'link', 'name', $this->contact->link);?>
<?php endif; ?>

works for me. thx
Here the german translation:

"Filter by category"
"Filter nach Kategorie"

"Show all"

You can do it by overriding existing constants in your Joomla admin panel -> Control panel -> Language Manager -> Overrides by creating 2 new Language Constant with names: TPL_COM_CONTENT_GALLERY_FILTER_SHOW_ALL

and text accordingly:

Filter nach Kategorie

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS Templates,

I'd like to add an background-image on the page. I can't find where to put it in the css-files. I only found a possibility for a wrapper-background. But my image should be behind the wrapper and should be fixed, not scrolled with the content.
In older sides there was #page where you could change the background. What is it in your side?
Kind regards
I never got an answer to this and am under a deadline:
Who do I get the as-postion-6 and as-position-30 to display horizontally instead of vertically on template as002046?

You said:
It looks like you have not set the module bootstrap size under advanced parameters tab.

I cannot find this setting please advise on how to find this and correct ASAP. Thx
In the extension published in position 6 you should have Advanced Parameters tab, click on it and look for Bootstrap size parameter.

Regards, AS Team.
Thx. That did it
Hello AS Templates. I want to vertical align the text in the mj-slideshow to the middle (as-position5). Is there any way of doing this without manipulating the code?

Been looking pretty much everywhere but can not find a setting that will do this.


maybe you couldn't understand my question because there is no answer, yet.
Could you please tell me how to place a background picture or at least a background color to the total page?
I only find the way to change backgrounds of the header and the wrapper. But where to manipulate the side's background in general?

Thanks for help and kind regards
Sorry, the template doesn't have such option, you have to create your own css and put it in the style.custom.css file.

Regards, AS Team.
Hi AS Templates,
okay, thank you!

Regards, Platintim

After a clean and successful instalation from your file i get a message in the site template

"Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/previneg/public_html/modules/mod_as_menu/mod_as_menu.php on line 17"

can you give me a help?
The message you can disable by setting Error Reporting parameter to 'none' in your Joomla admin panel -> Global Configurations -> Server -> Server Settings panel.

Regards, AS Team.
Good Day

I purchased the asj46 template, however the contact us feature is not showing as well as a lot of other features.... can someone please assist?
What is your site url please, we have to see it.

Regards, AS Team.
Have a new issue with the print and email icon linked pages. They have no style formatting. Any ideas on a quick fix?

Also the main logo background banner is shifted to the right and not sure what's up. Has been that was since I installed the template. Any ideas?

Thank You for noticing about this issue, it should be fixed during the day.
Regarding the logo, we think it happens because you not defined boostrap size for your main menu and slider, the bootstrap size parameter can be found under module advanced parameters, please set it to 12.

Regards, AS Team.
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