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It depends on IE version, the full width in IE is working starting from version 9.

Regards, AS Team.
1. Can this section be removed:

/* Designed by 'AS Designing'
/* Web:
/* Web:
/* License: ASDE Commercial

2. If so, is there a simple way to do it?
Accordingly to our terms of use you can not change or remove the copyright information in the header of the any file included in the installation package.

Regards, AS Team.

Can this template handle translations (multilanguage)? Which positions puts the flag icons?
The translations is not related to the template, you have to install multilingual support in your Joomla admin panel, the flags you can put in any position, it depends on your choice.

Regards, AS Team.

How can I insert the content toggle?
we are sorry, the free version doesn't have this feature.

Regards, AS Team.
Dear AS Team,

Could you please tell me how I can find the modul FAQ (within service page of the demo template). It has several unscrolling fields for showing answer to FAQ for the visitors.

I installed demo template but I can not find it within my modules/plugin (in order to modify the content).
Does it have a special name?

It is not a module, have you installed this template using quick-start package? If so the code you can find in your Joomla admin panel -> Content -> Article Manager -> Services category, please look for article named 'Services'.

Regards, AS Team.
I am having an issue with the formatting again in the contact us area. I also cannot get the form to show up in the individual contact us pages.

Please check it out:
Please install the template using quick-start package in some demo folder or demo server, after installing it you will be able to preview all parameters and set the form exact like on our demo folder.

On the Meet our team page you are using custom HTML, it looks like copied from some Word document, it is not supported by our css, in this case you have to write your own css and put it in the style.custom.css file.

Regards, AS Team.

I'd like to add a background image. It contains the company name rotated by 90 degrees and would therefore be perfect to be displayed on every page on the very left side. Is it possible to add that background image with this template?
Sorry, it depends on the image and extension you are using for this image.

Regards, AS Team.

I was planning to use a gif but of course I can also change it to another extension if necessary.

The image would be very narrow (let's say something like this:, approx. 47 x 534 pixels). I'd like to position it on the very left side of every page and repeat it in a way, so that it's visible from top to bottom of the site.

So, you can try, our support team can't help you in this case.

Regards, AS Team.

I have already tried to add it as a background image to the css file and also added the file but it was not displayed. Can you please give me a hint? Maybe I used the wrong css file... I'd like to buy this template but only if I can customize it like that.

Thanks again!

Before I added that, picture formatting that is in the the rest of the site template is missing as well as other elements. I have removed the formatting word put in but it still changes the size of picture without us doing that in the settings. Please forward a screenshot of the setting that should be there to get this to look correct. What about the missing forms?
If you installing the template using quick-start package nothing will be missed on your website, it will look exact like our demo preview.
Sorry, not quite understand your question regarding the screenshot, please provide us with more info.

Regards, AS Team.
Got it. Thx
I unpacked the PRO quickstart version of the template and the message I got is the following:
Your host needs to use PHP 5.3.1 or higher to run this version of Joomla!

The problem is that the PHP version our server is using is 5.3.28. Therefore there is apparently no reason for this notice.
Our website is

Thanks in advance for your help
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