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Hello LORFOS62,
Please check the PHP version one more time with your hosting provider, it looks like you host has version less then 5.3.1

You can easy check it by creating php file with the following code:

<title> PHP Test Script </title>

Regards, AS Team.
I received your emails regarding 2 updates.
but is there in the template self (when using it) not an update signal and possibility to download this?
if not:
how to download these updates? I do not se seperate downloads of these updates.
and how to install these updates when downloaded.

in other words; is there a simple way of making use of these needed updates?

kind regards,
The latest version you have to download from your AS account and upload all templates files via FTP on your server, please do not forget to make backup before uploading.

Regards, AS Team.
Actually it seems that the version my host is using is 5.2.17. Haven't you got a release of 2046 template that works with it?
In case you don't, I should give up the template...
Hello LORFOS62,
Joomla doesn't work with this version, it is too old.
You have to ask you provided to upgrade it to 5.4.28, it is possible to 5.5.x but better 5.4.28

Regards, AS Team.
I have a question regarding the artslider and the color of the template. How do I change the pictures in the artslider? Also, how do I change the original orange color of the template?

Thank you,
The AS ArtSlider extension displays article's intro image with the article title and intro text. The articles you can find in your Joomla admin panel -> Content -> Article Manager under Slider Home category.

The template has 6 different color styles, these styles you can find under the template general configuration parameters tab.

Regards, AS Team.
I have a question regarding the font of the slogan text. When I put 'logo type' image in 'Logo configuration parameters', I can change the font of the slogan text without a problem. However, if I add a logo image, the original font of the slogan text (Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif) does not change. I tried to locate the CSS emplacement using firebug and manually to no avail. Do you know where in the CSS the basic font of the slogan logo is located?
Thank you
Yes, it is because it is designed to work only with logo as image or as text, but it is not a problem, you can add/change fonts in the tmpl.default.css file in the following class:

#logo span.slogan {
display: inline-block;
font-size: 30px;
left: 20px;
margin: 0;
position: relative;
top: 13px;

Regards, AS Team.
Hello i have a problem with the search module. I cant change the Box width and also if i disable the search button picture i see a "0". What is going wrong?
Thank You for noticing about this issue, please download the latest version and reinstall it.

Regards, AS Team.
it doesent work!!!
i upload it two times and every time, i can not user the quick installtion..
there is no template..
when i want to install the template manualy,


Template Install: There is already a Template using the named directory: Install. Are you trying to install the same template again?

when it doesnt work, please send me my money back!
Have you installed sample data during installation the quick-start package? Please see the template documentation for more info:

Regards, AS Team.

When i try download this template it tells me that the page has been moved or deleted.

I would like to purchase this template and dont want to see an error message when its time to download.

Thank you for noticing about this issue, the url fixed, please try to download it one more time.

Regards, AS Team.

your search dosn't work, so i have to ask here, eventually again:

i can't see the slogan beside the logo even if i have put some text into the slogan field. Where can i change the settings and which to see the slogan?

Thanks in advance
What type of logo are you using: image or text?

Regards, AS Team.
HI there... I purchased the 002046 template. In my articles at the top it shows the path, the date, the author, number of hits, etc. How can I remove it. I've gone into the cateogry and article Options and chose the options "Hide or No", but it still appears ontop of each article / category. Is there another way of getting rid of it. Thank you very much! Engela
You can remove it in menu item options, Joomla admin panel -> Menus -> ...

Regards, AS Team.

I have downloaded the zip file and I am trying to follow the instructions in "2. Manual template installation and modules configuration": where can I find the file

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