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look I didn't change the parameter I just upgraded to joomla 3.9 and I still asked if there would be any problems, and I also renewed the support, it can't be seen ??? do I have to pay anything more?
Did you update any template files?

Regards, AS Team.
I put the files they informed to exchange but I believe it was something in relation to joomla 3.9, the problem was the font size if you enter the site, I believe I already know which one. resolving this I believe that everything goes back to normal.
look I noticed that this problem depends on the browser, the chome is small, firefox is much bigger, internet explorer is also very big. it should be adaptive, right?
Try to clear your browser cache, also maybe enabled caching on your server. It should looks the same in all browsers.

Regards, AS Team.
please go to the site and see how it is, I don’t know where to adjust the font size .... I’ve been to several places, the site can’t stay on the air like this, I need to adjust it, I need help. I shouldn't have updated anything, now I'm practically having to make a new website.
We checked your website in different browsers, we do not see any problems, can you please provide us with screenshots?

Regards, AS Team.
yes i can, but where can i send it? email?
You can upload images on your server or dropbox and provide us with URL

Regards, AS Team.

I purchased, bought the template as002046, it does not work in Joomla 4, what should I do?
Hello SERGEY_1964,
We are sorry, it is not compatible yet with Joomla 4, we are working on it.

Regards, AS Team.
А как я узнаю о новой версии?

And how do I find out about the new version?
Hello SERGEY_1964,
You will receive an email if you subscribed to our newsletters, otherwise you can check the template details or news page:

Regards, AS Team.
Мой шаблон as002046 будет обновляться до joomla 4?

Will my as002046 template be updated to joomla 4?

Мне очень нравится шаблон
Я бы хотел его не менять. Я готов заплатить за работу.

I really like the template
I would like not to change it. I'm willing to pay for the work.
Hello. Will you be writing templates for Joomla 4?

In particular, will this template be rewritten on Joomla 4?

With deep respect!
Hello SERGEY_1964,
Yes, we are going to update all our templates, it will take some time.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello. When to approximately wait for the template to be updated to joomla 4. Approximate dates. I have already switched to joomla 4 and am still using the standard template.
Dear Sir / Madam,

We use the template AS002046 for our website:
However, it is not suitable for Joomla 4.
Will there be an update/upgrade for this template and if so, when?
If there is no update/upgrade of this template, can you offer a similar template that is suitable for Joomla 4?
I look forward to your response.

Thank you in advance.

Menno Hulshoff, Assen (The Netherlands)
Hello, can you quickly update the template for joomla 4 if I pay extra for it?
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