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We are sorry, without to see your site we can't help you.

Regards, AS Team.
Awesome, I solved it.. Missed one step in your write up..
If you have shell access then you can upload the file and unzip the zip directly on the server. Its much faster! If you don't have it, the package should be unzipped on your localhost and then uploaded on the server. "
The info you can find on the following page:

Regards, AS Team.
On my site how do you edit the Welcome to Us and the Lorem ipsum dolor.... ? I cannot find it..

The article name is 'Home Style 2', you can find it under 'Home' category.

Regards, AS Team.
AS Team,
Is There a way to unpublish it, without it messing up the front page?
You must to have some article on the home page, so you can replace it with yours.

Regards, AS Team.
i have a problem with the AS Template 002048.
How do I activate the gray background in the post header.
pattern link:
heading text: Template Features

I found the following entry in her file style.default.css line 695 #breadcrumbs-row .moduletable .breadcrumb, #breadcrumbs-row .moduletable .mod-custom { background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgb(244, 244, 244), rgb(232, 232, 232)); background-color: rgb(238, 238, 238);
However, this entry is missing in my purchased version ( Regular License ) a subsequent change does not solve the problem where is the error? I hope they can help me? many thanks for the help
Hello SCHAKAL112,
Have you installed the template using quick-start installation package? What is your site url please.

Regards, AS Team.
Hello AS team,

Site's online so now you can help me?

Im still struggling with the MJslider. I don't understand were the pics are coming from. There are not such pictures in Mediamap though. Only slider1.png etc. which are for the other slider…

See it on:
Can you please provide us with an access to your site? We have to see this issue.

Regards, AS Team.
hi, the team members and the footer along with the revolving header do not work in internet explorer, can we fix this?

What is the page url where we can see this issue?

Regards, AS Team.
Unfortunately, I can not install the quickinstall. I have installed the Joomla 3.2 base system and then built up the sides and then recorded a 1.5 migration. But even without immigration it does not unfortunately. This site is running so far everything just post header is not displayed correctly.
The server is not online yet.

P.S. run the template with 3.5
Hello SCHAKAL112,
We are sorry, in this case we can't provide you with a free support, you have to ask for our customization services:

Regards, AS Team.
i have added the url to our account details, please advise.
Sorry, we don't see it. If your site is not installed using quick-start package we will not be able to help you, you have ask for our services.

Regards, AS Team.
hi, i just checked, it's there. please check once more. yes, we used the quick-start.
What IE version do you have?

Regards, AS Team.
ie 8
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